Michael Jordan + Anthony Edwards Comparisons are Legit, MJ Himself Confirms

Anthony Edwards - Minnesota Timberwolves
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Anthony Edwards stole the spotlight last night in Utah, taking over both the internet and the NBA world with what some are calling the greatest dunk of all time. His posterizing of John Collins was a highlight reel moment that spun the course of the entire contest in favor of the Timberwolves, who eventually waltzed to a 114-104 victory over the Utah Jazz.

Last night’s posterization of Collins has a commonly made comparison rising to the forefront of sports talk shows around the country, yet again. Of course, it hasn’t been all that long since someone last compared Anthony Edwards to Michael Jordan. It’s something that is happening so regularly, it gives off Kobe vibes… maybe LeBron.

Every once in awhile, random players will get one or two-off comparisons to MJ. But for Ant, it’s happening on a weekly basis. Recently, we’ve seen Kevin Garnett compare the two. Before KG did it, a prominent NBA scout couldn’t stop himself from going there. In some of the NBA 2K games since Edwards entered the league, you can’t tell the difference between the two of them.

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The comparisons between Ant and MJ are becoming so regular, in fact, that longtime NBA reporter and insider Chris Broussard (FOX Sports) reached out to Michael Jordan with one question and one question only. Does he buy any of these Ant – MJ comparisons?

Michael Jordan confirms Anthony Edwards comparisons are legit

On “First Things First” (FS1) Tuesday morning, Broussard said that Jordan pretty much confirmed that he sees what everyone else sees. That Ant is his long lost son has elements of his game that remind MJ himself of his own playing style back in the day.

“Well, I reached out to the GOAT today, Michael Jordan, and Jordan said there are similarities in their games. He agreed! When Jordan say there is similarities, there is similarities, and what I like, in addition to the athleticism and the explosive dunks, alright, his desire to play is like MJ’s.

This is not today, but in the past, I’ve talked to Michael Jordan about the concept of shortening the season from 82 games, it’s like he couldn’t understand why in the world you wouldn’t wanna play 82 games. Anthony Edwards is like, ‘I don’t wanna load manage, man. I wanna play,’ and then he dislocates his finger, goes to the lock room, gets it popped back in place, taped up and then comes back out! How many players today would be like, ‘I’m good'”?

Chris Broussard – First Things First

Like Chris says. If Michael Jordan himself believes their are similarities, then there are similarities. What else is there to say? Anthony Edwards is the next superstar of this league and his talent says he could rise to be even more than that. Ant Edwards is that dude, he’s unlike anyone else and he won’t apologize for it

Don’t undersell the Minnesota Timberwolves’ chances at championship this year

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What’s the next step for Edwards? Winning a ring. It’s a very realistic goal for the Timberwolves this year, considering their consistent top 3 position in the West all season. They’re on track to potentially have the best season in franchise history and there’s no reason why fans should cap where this season could potentially end.

After all, even the GOAT agrees. Anthony Edwards is HIM.

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