Skip Bayless Calls Anthony Edwards’ Game-Saving Rejection ‘The Easiest Block Ever’

Anthony Edwards
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In the aftermath of Karl-Anthony Towns suffering a meniscus tear, Anthony Edwards and the Minnesota Timberwolves could have responded one of two ways. They could have sulked over their perpetual bad luck, or they could rally without one of their team leaders.

In response, Edwards was completely unguardable for most of the night, posting a season-high 44 points. But his best moment came on what the Indiana Pacers thought was a game-tying last-second layup. After missing a free throw that would have put the Wolves up three, Aaron Nesmith raced up the court and tried to gently lay the ball off the glass, two points that would have sent the contest into overtime.

Instead, Ant came from behind and took flight for a game-saving block. Edwards jumped so high that he actually hit his head on the underside of the hoop’s rim, something that admitted hurt after the game.

The play itself was breathtaking. Seriously, does it get better than that block? Probably not, and I’d be surprised if you can find anyone who says differen… wait… I’m getting word that not everybody was impressed by Ant’s block?

Anthony Edwards’ epic Block Was Easy says Skip Bayless

Apparently, noted hater Skip Bayless (FOX Sports) wasn’t impressed even slightly. That’s right, Skip spent part of his Friday arguing with former star NFL wide receiver turned co-host, Keyshawn Johnson that Ant’s block was “the easiest block you’ll ever see.” Sounds like a joke, right? Well, it’s not. In fact, there is video proof of how blind Skip Bayless is.

Keyshawn Johnson thought he was walking into a fun conversation about one of the best blocks in basketball history and you can see the bewilderment in his eyes and reaction grow more intense with every word that falls out of Skip’s mouth.

“This was killing a gnat with a sledgehammer. This was the easiest block you’ll ever see because he’s so far above it… Jaden McDaniels was gonna block that easy. He came completely over him and beat him to the basketball, it was unbelievable. There are white jerseys everywhere. Somebody is going to do it. You gave this a 10? It’s the easiest block ever. It turned into a ‘dad’ block. I’m just telling the truth.”

Fox Sports’ Skip Bayless on Anthony Edwards’ game-sealing block

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There’s no telling what would have happened had Edwards not blocked Aaron Nesmith’s shot. Perhaps Bayless is right, maybe McDaniels gets up quick gets a paw on the shot, but I’m glad he didn’t because we would have been deprived of the most athletic play I’ve seen on a basketball floor so far this season.

Final grade: Ant 10/10, Bayless 0/10

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