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What is Minnesota Sports Fan?

Minnesota Sports Fan is a sports media outlet that covers the 6 major sports teams in Minnesota (Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, Wild, Gopher Football, Gopher Basketball). We write blogs daily, as well as hosting podcasts, and streaming video.

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Minnesota Sports Fan is just….. different.

We aren’t always here to bring you the best stats or deep dive every analytical angle. We aren’t afraid of numbers but you’ll find better ones elsewhere. MSF is here to bring you honest and unfiltered content. We won’t fold to the politically correct and our only agenda is producing content that will get clicks and help push the teams we cover to championship levels. We show no bias to players, coaches, or any other one person/entity.

We want to see championships. That’s it.

We are sick of the expectation to lose in Minnesota. Winners live here, work here, and raise winning businesses and families here.

Our teams can win here too.

– Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan Founder

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