Minnesota Sports Fan Editorial Process

Every article on Minnesota Sports Fan represents the genuine insights of the author, a news update, or is referenced from a credible media source, which may include websites, blogs, magazines, and newspapers known for their accuracy and journalistic integrity. Our editorial team meticulously reviews all source materials prior to publication.

Should a post require a correction post-publication, an Editor will make the necessary adjustments and signify that the article has been updated with a note at the beginning of the piece. If an article is the result of a joint effort between multiple writers, this collaboration will be acknowledged either at the start or conclusion of the post.

Executive Editor – Eric Strack

Eric founded Minnesota Sports Fan LLC and MinnesotaSportsFan.com in 2017 and guided its rise to what it is today, one of the top sports websites in the Minnesota market. He creates and edits most of the content at Minnesota Sports Fan and manages other writers on the site. Eric has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, earned from the VERY prestigious St. Cloud State University.

If you want to contact Eric, please head to our contact page.