Is ’24 Anthony Edwards ’84 Michael Jordan? If the Shoe Fits…

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The emerging Minnesota Timberwolves phenom, Anthony Edwards, is undeniably enjoying a standout season in his young NBA career. Yet, despite his current achievements, the sky appears to be the limit for him, positioning him as a potential future face of the league.

Anthony Edwards thinks 1984 Michael Jordan comps are perfect

Recently, basketball icon and Timberwolves legend, Kevin Garnett, drew comparisons between Edwards’ current season and the electrifying performances of Michael Jordan in 1984. Following a recent game against the Trail Blazers, Edwards enthusiastically embraced Garnett’s comparison.

Nichols: “Kevin Garnett had something to say about you. He said you remind of him of an ’84 Jordan, what do you think about what he said?”

Ant: “That’s an OG man, whatever [KG] say, goes. So anyone want to argue with him, you gotta take it up with Michael Jordan.

Nichols: “Hahaha, do you think he’s right, though?”

Ant: “I think he’s right for sure. ’84 Jordan. He didn’t say ’96-’97, he said ’84. You know, [Jordan] was just finding himself [in ’84]. So, I agree with that.”

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In 1984, Michael Jordan was just a rookie in the league but he made an indelible mark on the NBA almost immediately. Jordan showcased his remarkable talent on a night-in, night-out basis, and posted numbers to back up the showtime dunks and mind-boggling highlights.

As a rookie, MJ averaged an impressive 28.2 points, 5.9 assists, and 6.5 rebounds per game, while logging an absurd 38.3 minutes per night. MJ’s rookie campaign is widely regarded as one of the finest debut seasons by any player in NBA history.

Turns out… KG might be onto something

Anthony Edwards may already be in his fourth NBA season, but he’s only 22 1/2-years-old. As a rookie, Michael Jordan turned 22 on February 17th. 1984-85 Jordan was about 200 days younger than Edwards is right now. Wanna get weird? Take a look at Ant’s numbers this season…

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The All-Star break hits after tonight’s game vs the Portland Trail Blazers. Entering the contest, Anthony Edwards (vs 1984 Jordan) is averaging 26.2 (-2.0) points, 5.2 (-0.7) assists and 5.2 (-1.3) rebounds, in 35 minutes per night (-3.3). If you bumped Ant’s minutes up to ’84 Jordan’s their statistics would be nearly identical.

Being compared to Michael Jordan is the ultimate honor in basketball, given his widely acclaimed status as the greatest of all time. With such comparisons in mind, the question arises: Is Anthony Edwards poised to become the savior of the Timberwolves franchise, like MJ was for the Bulls?

Can he lead them to a championship? One thing is for sure. As a rookie, Michael Jordan did not have nearly the roster around him that the Minnesota Timberwolves have built around Ant. But he will still be the dude who sinks or floats their playoff boat. Stay tuned…

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