NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Looks Exactly Like Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards has been compared to Michael Jordan since his high school days as 247Sports‘ #1 overall prospect at Holy Spirit Prep School in Atlanta Georgia. That was just a few years ago, by the way.

Across the internet, you can find different Edwards/Jordan comparisons that all point to a variety of traits the two share. Beyond an overall intrigue that Edwards could ‘be the next Jordan‘, many have compared their similar skill sets. Others look to Ant’s high ceiling, which MJ himself said is higher. Even Ant’s swagger and “it” factor have been compared to the GOAT’s.

MJ’s Doppelganger?

But what might be most intriguing. Are how alike the two look. Fringe pop-up sites, Reddit forums and randoms on Twitter have all wondered out loud if Ant and MJ might be related in some way and even as far as asking if Michael Jordan is secretly Anthony Edwards’ father…

On Tuesday, the official NBA twitter account sent out a tweet that will only intensify these burning questions and comparisons. The post was part of an announcement made today that Michael Jordan will, again, grace the NBA 2K cover for the 23 edition. Included in the tweet were two screenshots of MJ.

One photo was supposed to be Jordan in the 80’s. The other, in the 90’s. But I’m having issues seeing anyone but Anthony Edwards. One has a little hair, the other has none. Both are wearing Bulls jerseys. I don’t care. That’s Anthony Edwards.

The more you look at the evidence, the more alike they look. Here is some of the photos I can’t get out of my head.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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