NBA Scout Believes Anthony Edwards is Next Michael Jordan

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The Minnesota Timberwolves are playing their first game of the NBA’s new in-season tournament tonight vs the San Antonio Spurs and all eyes will be on their blossoming superstar, Anthony Edwards, who is quickly growing a reputation as one of the best 2-way players in recent league history.

Anthony Edwards the next Michael Jordan?

You think that’s hyperbole? Not if you ask the NBA scout, who told ESPN’s Tim MacMahon that Ant is the next Michael Jordan. You read that correct. And when you think about it, that scout might be right. I’ll let you hear/read what ESPN Tim, and the scout he talked to, had to say on Friday’s “Hoop Collective” podcast, then I’ll jump in.

“Was talking to some scouts, before last night’s game. One said about Anthony Edwards that he’s the next Michael Jordan. I said, well that’s that’s a bit of hyperbole. The guy said, ‘yeah, but it ain’t too far off’ and his point is… there aren’t very many guys who are that elite, offensively, this kind of scorer. A guy who’s got, what does he average now, 28-29 points per game?

He’s got that kind of potential, who are also dominant defenders, dominant defenders. He’s coming for Giannis [Antetokounmpo]’s crown, as the best two-way superstar [in the NBA]. When you talk about a guy who can light up like he does offensively, and then it’s overtime, game on the line, take the challenge and then just lock up Jason Tatum the way he did.”

Tim MacMahon – The Hoop Collective Podcast (ESPN)

Are Anthony Edwards Michael Jordan comparisons hyperbolic?

Still think the team employing that NBA scout should think about his employment status? Any Michael Jordan comparisons, even if they have to do with how alike they look in NBA 2K games, is bound to be met with heavy skepticism. We’re talking about the greatest of all time.

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But, let your mind go beyond that initial fence, and it’s not as hyperbolic as Tim’s co-hosts think it is. I mean, you tell me: Who is the last 6-3 or 6-4 shooting guard to make an All-NBA 1st team and All-NBA Defensive team in the same year, which Ant has a legitimate chance of doing multiple times during his career, if he stays healthy?

You guessed it, Michael Jordan, who did it NINE times. In fact, MJ is really the only naturally-sized shooting guard to ever win both honors in the same season. Kobe Bryant (8x) and LeBron James (5x) have each done it plenty, but those guys were/are 6-6 and 6-9, respectively. Ant is listed as 6-4 and that is generous.

It’s unlikely Anthony Edwards will ever be in conversations as the greatest basketball player of all time, but if he can regularly be an All-NBA player on both sides of the floor, it’s safe to say the Minnesota Timberwolves should win a lot of games during that time.

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