Kevin Garnett Raves About Anthony Edwards, Sneaks in Strays for Glen Taylor

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Anthony Edwards is the only player in Minnesota Timberwolves franchise history who has any chance of being mentioned in the same sentences as Kevin Garnett by the end of his career.

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Kevin Garnett loves Anthony Edwards, still no fan of Glen Taylor

And KG is watching very closely the effect that Ant is having on his teammates, coaches and the Wolves organization as a whole. He talked about how impressed he is by Edwards on the latest episode of his Showtime show, ‘KG Certified‘.

But one thing that is always fun to watch whenever Kevin Garnett talks Timberwolves, is the better than likely chance that long-time owner Glen Taylor catches some strays along the way, which he did again here.

Unlike Garnett, Anthony Edwards is a natural born scorer. KG did win one MVP and, man, that 2003-2004 season was one to remember for a lot of reasons. But Garnett’s game was about dominating on defense, on the glass and in opponents’ heads.

Don’t get me wrong, prime Kevin Garnett was going to get his. But he was always, unquestionably, the best player on any Wolves roster he played on after Stephon Marbury left town. So, Timberwolves coaches always made sure the ball found his hands.

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Anthony Edwards, on the other hand, is an offensive scoring weapon the likes of which this basketball market has never witnessed close up. It’s very important to note his position too.

Ant may not have the hight or build of a LeBron James or even Michael Jordan, but he’s a point forward who can get the ball in his hands anywhere he wants. And when the basketball finds his hands, beautiful things happen.

Why the Glen Taylor strays from KG?

I mean, if you don’t know about the Kevin Garnett / Glen Taylor history and all of the animosity that has built up on Garnett’s side then you need a lot more words than what I’m willing to finish this post with.

In summary, KG blames Glen Taylor for why the Minnesota Timberwolves have been bad for a very, very, very long time. But… a lot of that comes with personal bias from a promise that Taylor may or may not have made him that may or may not have included a stake of franchise ownership that he never got.

If you need more catch-up, here’s some reading homework for you. And if what’s below still isn’t enough for you, we have plenty more where these came from.

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