Kevin Garnett “Hearing Whispers” That A-Rod is Plotting Wolves Exodus to Seattle

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Kevin Garnett has made it clear that he will not be associated with the Minnesota Timberwolves as long as Glen Taylor owns the franchise. That’s why optimism of KG’s eventual return rose when new partners and future majority owners, Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore initially came into the picture.

That optimism was exacerbated when reports surfaced that it was A-Rod’s intent to bring KG into the new ownership group. But, according to Kevin Garnett himself, that isn’t happening. KG recently told The New York Times that he hasn’t talked to Rodriguez or Lore at all, “personally”.

But, that didn’t mean the former Timberwolves superstar didn’t have knowledge of the situation or comments to make about the new ownership group. Garnett told The Times he’s “hearing whispers” that Alex Rodriguez is secretly planning Seattle’s big heist of Minnesota’s professional basketball franchise.

Don’t Panic

If you still have Minnesota Timberwolves season tickets (bless your heart), I wouldn’t go selling them because of KG’s comments. There’s an obvious agenda on Garnett’s end. Look, we all had hope that Alex Rodriquez and the new ownership group would help ingratiate the Wolves legend back into the organization.

But nobody’s surprised the reunion effort flopped. And nobody’s buying KG’s comments about A-Rod’s Seattle intentions either.

We can’t know for sure. That much is true. But I find it highly unlikely that Garnett has any idea what the new owners plan to do with the Timberwolves. This feels more like KG intentionally stirring the pot with a large spoon made of bitterness and built up resentment.

New Kevin Garnett Documentary

Garnett’s sit-down with The Times was mostly to discuss his upcoming documentary “Kevin Garnett: Anything is Possible”. The film is set to premiere on Showtime November 12.

KG took some questions on previous relationships that have soured with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. The comments about Minnesota and Rodriguez didn’t come until the very end of the article but it’s clear they’ve already pissed off the former NBA MVP. But let’s be honest, that’s not a difficult thing to do.

Garnett made sure to reiterate his love for Minnesota and the Wolves fanbase. He said A-Rod moving the club to Seattle would just be business in the NBA.

No one wants to see the Wolves leave Minneapolis, but you know, it’s business. I would never want the Timberwolves to leave Minneapolis and Minnesota. I think that team means a lot to that state.”

Kevin Garnett – NYT Interview

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