Anthony Edwards Among NBA Superstars Featured in ‘Quarterback’ Style Netflix Documentary

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‘Quarterback’, a documentary series that featured Kirk Cousins and Patrick Mahomes, was one of the most successful products put out by Netflix in the last decade. It started a flurry of self-titled sports content that streaming platforms can’t get enough of now.

And according to Shams (The Athletic), Netflix has decided to dig another sports documentary well right next to ‘Quarterback’, in hopes they can hit another spring of untold internet riches. And you know what? It looks like they’ve nailed it.

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Netflix NBA documentary will feature Anthony Edwards, among other superstars

Netflix, along with Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions, are currently filming an NBA version ‘Quarterback’ style documentary that will five different NBA superstars, including Minnesota Timberwolves blossoming stud, Anthony Edwards.

Who are the others, you ask? Well, you may have heard of them: LeBron James (Lakers), Jayson Tatum (Celtics), Domantas Sabonis (Kings) and former Timberwolf, Jimmy Butler (Miami).

Great move by Netflix

Seriously, this might be the most excited I’ve ever been for a sports documentary. The ‘Quarterback’ doc was cool and having Kirk Cousins as one of the QBs featured made it must-see TV immediately when it dropped. ‘The Last Dance’ was awesome too, especially given how everybody pretty much watched it together.

But this is different, just on star power alone. What NBA fan, no matter what team they root for, won’t want to see inside the lives of these 5 superstars? None of them. Every sports fan knows most of these names, even if the NBA isn’t your favorite league. Great move by the NBA and even better move by Netflix.

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Something else to note: The Minnesota Timberwolves flight from Orlando to Boston was grounded by Winter Storm Gerri on Tuesday night. Both Tatum and Edwards are being featured in this new doc.

Filming Edwards vs Tatum Wednesday Night?

I’m sure cameras are following all five of these stars throughout much of this season, if Netflix is indeed investing in this production like they did with ‘Quarterback’. Thus, I’d be shocked if cameras are not filming both Ant and Tatum in the days and hours leading up to their big rematch in TD Garden, tonight.

Remember that massive upset the Wolves pulled over the Celtics back in November? It was a win that really lit the fire on Minnesota’s hot start. One that also got the attention of national media members, like Bill Simmons. Boston fans are still upset, that’s confirmed.

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When this Netflix documentary eventually drops, I’ll be lowkey watching for footage of how this Wolves team handled a back-to-back of this magnitude, that now includes a grounded plane. The Magic are better this year but the Boston Celtics are the best team in the East and they have regular season revenge on their minds.

Throw in two stars from each team being followed by cameras for this massive production project in the days leading up to it… and then tell me Ant isn’t coming ready to play tonight? Jet lag and all? Ha, watch him go for 50.

Ant’s Baby Mama Drama Included in Filming?

Will Anthony Edwards’ baby mama drama from earlier this season be included in the documentary? I wouldn’t count on it. Remember, Netflix gave the Quarterbacks involved in the NFL version full control over the final cuts in that production. I’d imagine that, if LeBron James agreed to be involved, that’s the case in his documentary too.

But… I hope I’m wrong.

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