Netflix “Quarterback” Series will Cure Kirk Cousins Haters

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Kirk Cousins agreed to be one of three NFL quarterbacks featured in an 8-part series on Netflix that released Wednesday (July 12) called “Quarterback” and the internet is completely obsessed with it.

Rightly so, because the access film crews got into the lives of Kirk, Patrick Mahomes and Marcus Mariota is unprecedented. And production quality of the show, itself, is flawless. Perfectly put together.

Great business decision for Kirk Cousins

After just a few episodes (I’ve now completed the entire series), one thing became especially clear. Nobody will benefit more from this series than Kirk Cousins, who has become one of the most divisive figures in all of pro sports.

Look, Patrick Mahomes has already cemented himself as a name you cannot leave out of any “greatest QB of all-time” conversation and the entire sports world adores him. His portion of “Quarterback” is awesome too. It’s just harder to go up when you’re already at the top of the world.

The same cannot be said for Marcus Mariota’s portion of the programming. His segments were kind of boring. I found myself wanting to fast-forward through them, at times. Choosing someone else as their 3rd QB would have been the only way to improve “this show”Quarterback”.

Tough Guy Kirk

Then, there’s Kirk Cousins. I couldn’t believe the things we learned about #8 while watching this series. Did you know he was dealing with a brutal rib injury for most of last season? Probably not, because he never missed a snap, let alone a game.

Kirk was suffering so badly during the Vikings’ infamous overtime win vs the Bills that he was groaning uncontrollably throughout OT and even screamed at Kevin O’Connell for asking him if he was ok after their final field goal drive. “No, I’m hurt!”

But it isn’t just his on-field toughness and/or commitment that will rub people the right way, while watching “Quarterback”. We also get to see his fun-loving dad side. Kirk seems like a great father who likes nothing more than sitting with his son next to the campfire on Sunday nights, win or lose.

Cousins is just a regular family-first guy who is dressed by his wife and takes Tuesdays off from all football activities in order to focus on her and the kids. it’s additional off-time during the season that Julie says she couldn’t live without.

Kirk puts in the work and uses Netflix series to address doubters

Cousins thinks outside the box on how to improve his game, which reflects his extreme level of commitment to honing his craft. From weekly deep tissue massages to creative stretching and regular sessions with multiple chiropractors, Kirk is always looking for some sort of edge. Even if it’s mind stimulation tools and exercises.

Cousins also addresses all of his biggest flaws and criticisms head on , throughout the series. He regularly sits with the team psychologist where, in one episode, he talks openly about his built in instinct to doubt everything. He calls it a “doubt mindset”, which leaves him constantly wondering about what’s around the corner.

Can’t trust him in primetime games? Kirk talks about that during a segment where he shows off the huge trophy/self memorabilia room he has hidden in his house, subtly pointing to all of the primetime game balls he’s received for stellar performances throughout his career.

Vikings fans are lucky to have Cousins as QB

In all, we find out just how lucky we are as Minnesota Vikings fans, to have Kirk Cousins as our quarterback. Is he perfect? Not even close but he’s one of the very few QBs willing to do whatever it takes to be successful and that’s not something we should take lightly.

Sure, there are stubborn detractors out there who will refuse to watch “Quarterback” and/or ponder a change of mind regarding their views on Kirk Cousins. But for those with any shred of balance in their Kirk opinions, it will be impossible to hold onto any preordained spite they have for this man.

If you haven’t yet watched “Quarterback”, you need to. Especially if you are a Vikings fan. Or even a football fan, in general.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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