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Kirk Cousins, Atlanta Falcons
May 18, 2024
Are Kirk Cousins and the Falcons guilty of committing the ‘most blatant tampering ever?’ It depends on who you ask.
Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings
The Minnesota Vikings told Kirk Cousins, while he was golfing before the 2021 NFL Draft that they might draft a quarterback in the first-round.
NFL: Super Bowl LVIII-San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs
May 9, 2024
Internet star Annie Agar takes aim at former Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins and his new employer’s obsession with collecting quarterbacks.
Kirk Cousins
Apr 25, 2024
Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins was reportedly stunned when he found out the his new team was drafting his replacement, Michael Penix Jr.
kirk cousins, atlanta falcons, minnesota vikings, tampering
The Atlanta Falcons will reportedly receive a “more severe” penalty for their tamping of Kirk Cousins, but what does that mean for the Minnesota Vikings?
Minnesota Vikings
Apr 11, 2024
Why haven’t the Minnesota Vikings traded up in the 2024 NFL Draft yet? One NFL insider floats a fascinating pick-swap miracle, based on tampering.
Top Minnesota Vikings Moments
Mar 28, 2024
What are the top Minnesota Vikings moments in team history? From Randy Moss to Adrian Peterson, and Stefon Diggs, we count down the top ten.
Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings
Mar 17, 2024
The Vikings probably won’t get anything if the Falcons lose draft picks for violated the NFL’s tampering policy with Kirk Cousins, but the rules say…
kwesi adofo-mensah, kevin o'connell, Minnesota Vikings, NFL Draft
Mar 14, 2024
The Minnesota Vikings will have a new quarterback in 2024 and the general manager says he’s comfortable with that guy being Sam Darnold.
Kirk Cousins
Mar 14, 2024
The Minnesota Vikings did reportedly offer Kirk Cousins a multi-year contracts with guarantees built into year two, before signing in Atlanta.