NBA Insider Wants Timberwolves to Trade Kyle Anderson for Doug McDermott

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For the past 1.5 seasons, Kyle Anderson has played a crucial role for the Minnesota Timberwolves, both off the bench, and many times as a starter, something he did in 46 games in 2022-23.

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But most of that came last year, when he averaged over 28 minutes per game. Anderson’s role has gradually diminished, this season, though. Kyle has started just two games and he’s getting dangerously close to falling under 20 minutes per game.

There aren’t a lot of rotations in either conference that is as difficult to crack as Minnesota’s right now. That’s why he and another proven veteran who isn’t getting very many minutes, Shake Milton, are both being thrown around as possible trade pieces before the February 8th deadline.

Kyle Anderson for Doug McDermott?

  • Spurs Receive: Kyle Anderson
  • Wolves Receive: Doug McDermott

Minnesota has struggled with versatile Kyle Anderson (1.1 3-point attempts per 36 minutes) on the court in particular and might do well to flip him — in the final season of his contract — for a player of similar overall ability but better shooting. Would the San Antonio Spurs consider bringing back Anderson in a deal built around Doug McDermott (8.7 3PA per 36)?


Anderson’s biggest problem has been 3-point shooting. How bad is it? 15.4% bad, an almost impossible drop-off from the career-high 41% he shot from deep last year. Nonetheless, he’s still providing plus minutes on both offense (110 offensive rating) and always a force on defense (109 defensive rating).

For most rosters around the league, he could simply stop shooting from deep and still serve a variety of different (and productive) roles. Kyle Anderson is a proven plug-and-play multi-tool role-player who can provide valuable minutes from pretty much every position on the floor, in today’s NBA. Who doesn’t need that?

Doug McDermott is available

The 7-33 San Antonio Spurs, have made small forward Doug McDermott available. Chris Haynes (Bleacher Report) said on his ‘This League’ podcast:

“I was told that the Spurs are listening to offers for some of their veterans that are on expiring deals,” Haynes said. “They don’t have too many veterans, but they have two veterans that are on expiring deals, Doug McDermott and Cedi Osman. These are two players that would be pretty good fixtures on a team that’s trying to win or contend right now.”

Chris Haynes – This League Podcast

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The trade makes complete sense, considering the Spurs are struggling to win games and McDermott (like Anderson) is on a expiring contract. Doug McDermott, a Grand Forks, ND native, recently celebrated his 32nd birthday, holds is averaging 6.4 points, 1.1 rebounds and 1.3 assists per game this season. He’s shooting a solid 46.1% from the field but it’s his proficiency from deep (46.8%) that might have the Wolves salivating.

Chris Finch, Minnesota Timberwolves Love Kyle Anderson

The NBA trade deadline is still a couple weeks away and who knows what can happen. The Timberwolves hold the second best record in the league right now, at 29-11, behind only the 32-9 Boston Celtics. Does it make sense to move a guy like Kyle Anderson, who may not get a ton of minutes right now, but is just one injury or slump away from playing a very important role once again?

Many teammates seem to be very fond of Kyle. Chris Finch has made it very clear that he is a HUGE fan of Anderson, as well, which will obviously play into what Tim Connelly eventually does.

And some would argue, why make a trade when you are cruising at a pace like the Wolves have been. Who knows what can happen, as the trade deadline creeps closer. But I can’t help think about what Doug McDermott knocking down nearly 50% of his 3-pointers could provide for this Minnesota Timberwolves offense now.

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