Byron Buxton Calls on Twins to Sign Carlos Correa


The Minnesota Twins have established themselves as clear players in the free agent market for shortstop Carlos Correa. Reports earlier in the week even have them ready to make him a massive contract offer that they’re hoping he will decide on “sooner rather than later”.

On Friday, the Twins revealed new uniforms that were met with underwhelming reaction across social media. They also debuted a new “M” logo that never should’ve made it out of the design room. Byron Buxton, who was busy responding to Twitter trolls for much of Thursday, was one of the models used to showcase the new threads today.

Buxton Calls for Twins to Bring Correa Back

But it was what Buxton said after the fashion show that deserves headlines. That’s when he spoke with Darren Wolfson (KSTP, SKOR North) about his 2022 teammate Carlos Correa and the impact one of the greatest playoff performers of all time has had on Byron’s mental health last season as he battled through injuries again. The final line out of Buxton’s mouth is a straight challenge to the Twins. Go get my mans.

Wolfson: “How much do you want to see Carlos Correa in these new uniforms?

Buxton: “Ummm, a lot. So hopefully we do what we gotta do, bring him back because he was a big piece of leadership going into the year. Just starting in Spring Training. Even though it started late, he was a big piece to us starting out the way we did.

He had my back throughout the whole year. He was one of the ones in my ear like, ‘I know you’re hurting. I appreciate you battling through it, people don’t understand it’. Ya’ll come in everyday and ask me the same thing and it was like, ‘yeah I’m hurting but I’m not about to tell ya’ll that I’m hurting because I want to play’.

That’s the mindset he gave me because that’s how much of a teammate he was to me. So, for me that was a big step in me pushing myself to be a little bit more of a leader and be a little more vocal.

Wolfson: “What’s the balancing act of blowing up his phone but not overdoing it?

Buxton: “Oh, we talk every week! I know he wants to be here so it’s up to us to go get him. That’s the bottom line.

Byron Buxton (interview above w/Darren Wolfson)

There is a lot of questions surrounding Carlos Correa’s play earlier in the season, when the Twins had a chance to run away with the division or, in the least, keep better pace with the Cleveland Guardians. I find out every time I write about Correa that he has a plethora of detractors throughout the fanbase. But Correa’s numbers (.291 BA, .834 OPS) ended up portraying one of the best statistical seasons of his career.

That’s clearly not the case within the clubhouse and front office for the Minnesota Twins, though. Correa’s teammates love him. I mean, their cornerstone center fielder is in the middle of MOA calling on the front office (many of which are there) to land Carlos back in Minneapolis.

Update from President Dave St. Peter

On the back-half of that Twitter video from Darren Wolfson, is a quick interview with Twins president, Dave St. Peter, who sounds confident they have a legitimate shot at landing Correa. He mentions that they’ll have to be creative, much like what was reported earlier in the week, and they’ll have to be aggressive.

Still, St. Peter confirms Correa’s desire to come back and, when you cheer for Minnesota sports teams, desire to be here is half the battle. Now, does Jim Pohlad have the balls his dad didn’t? I sure hope so.

We feel good about it. Carlos continues to express a strong desire to stay in Minnesota and we continue to express a strong desire to keep him in Minnesota. So, ongoing conversations and I feel like we are very much in the mix.

Twins President Dave St. Peter (interview above w/Darren Wolfson)

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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