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Carlos Correa, Minnesota Twins
May 24, 2024
Minnesota Twins star Carlos Correa suggested that the MLB equip umpires with a PitchCom device but there’s a reason they haven’t.
Carlos Correa
May 18, 2024
The Minnesota Twins’ offense has gone cold, but Carlos Correa just cooked up a spicy idea to help MLB fix their umpire problems.
Carlos Correa, Minnesota Twins
Apr 29, 2024
The Minnesota Twins start a three game series vs the Chicago White Sox on Monday and Carlos Correa will reportedly be in the lineup.
Brooks Lee, Minnesota Twins
Apr 22, 2024
The Minnesota Twins got some good news on the injury front on Monday but not regarding their top prospect or superstar shortstop.
MLB: Minnesota Twins at Milwaukee Brewers
Apr 12, 2024
Carlos Correa has been removed from the Minnesota Twins game vs the Detroit Tigers after seen grimacing and holding his ribs after at-bat.
carlos correa
Feb 17, 2024
Carlos Correa is finally healthy and there’s already A LOT of confidence and excitement within the Minnesota Twins about his new swing.
Jan 27, 2024
Scott Boras is holding up the MLB offseason and the Minnesota Twins seem to be playing dead, just like what happened in 2022 with Correa.
MLB: Wildcard-Toronto Blue Jays at Minnesota Twins
Jan 9, 2024
The Minnesota Twins infield is beginning to really stand out as one of the brightest spots of this organization’s short-term future.
MLB: ALDS-Minnesota Twins at Houston Astros
Oct 9, 2023
The Minnesota Twins needed Mr. October Carlos Correa to arrive for the 2023 postseason and we never should have doubted him.
MLB: ALDS-Minnesota Twins at Houston Astros
Oct 7, 2023
The Minnesota Twins lost game 1 of the ALDS 6-4 vs the Houston Astros on Saturday, after 7th inning magic falls short.