Byron Buxton Claps Back at Twitter Trolls

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The Minnesota Twins are doing a rather star-studded player appearance at the Mall of America on Friday, to reveal their new logo and uniforms. The 11:30 AM appearance includes Luis Arraez, Jose Miranda, Joe Ryan and even Byron Buxton. On Thursday, they promoted the uniform reveal and its player models on their social media channels.

Of course, social media accounts as large as the Twins’ can’t post anything without catching some trolls in the comments. And if internet trolls are attacking Byron Buxton, you can guarantee their attacks will focus on his injury history.

Byron Buxton Claps Back

More unpredictable in these moments, however, is how a professional athlete will react when attacked. Most of the time, they stay far, far away and let the fans battle each other. But on Thursday, for whatever reason, Byron Buxton chose to stand up against his internet bullies. You can decide whether or not that was a good idea.

Buxton tried to play his responses off as calm and collected; even funny. And while it’s true his cadence is better than had he responded in anger, his frustration was showing by the end of his back and forth.

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Byron Buxton has every right to clap back at fans he gets annoyed by on Twitter. Would I recomend it? Sure, why not… There is no such thing as bad press.

I know, for example, that I wouldn’t be writing this blog that technically promotes Friday’s uniform reveal had he not taken his sword to the Twitter trolls today.

Don’t Cry for Byron

But nobody should feel bad for Byron Buxton. There are millions of fans across Twins Territory, just like every other fanbase. Some are more upbeat and positive. Others are pessimistic and grumpy. On Twitter, many are just trolls.

But there have been different types of sports fans since forever. Social media just makes it easier for everybody to express their opinions or crack jokes, whether funny or not. If Byron thinks he’ll be offended by these “wanna-be” fans, it’s his right to stay off of those platforms.

Thankfully though, he didn’t this time. I’m all about a little Twitter controversy on a Thursday. Byron Buxton doesn’t need your sympathy, though. As he mentioned to one commenter, he’s doing just fine.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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