Substantial Changes Coming to Twins Logo, Uniforms

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If you watched how the back half of the Minnesota Twins’ 2022 season unfolded, you’re probably ready for some “substantial” changes in 2023. Well lucky for you, the Twins will deliver major overhauls to the organization this winter. In the form of a new logos, new uniforms and a new scoreboard. Just the offseason evolution you were looking for, right?

The announcement, from Twins President Dave St. Peter, came in teaser form. No unveiling. Not even a mock up. Just some quotes that are guaranteed to inject plenty of anxiety into the fanbase.

Dave St. Peter: Changes Incoming

“Our uniforms are going to evolve and take a step toward the future. There is always a sensitivity to paying respect to the history and the heritage of the franchise,” team president Dave St. Peter said. “But there’s also a desire to move it forward, much like we did in the mid-’80s.”Twins President: Dave St. Peter (via Star Tribune)

“We’re in a little bit of a different world today, and we’ve seen several brands go through a refresh. The Padres are a great example — they went with a refresh that actually reached back to their origins, but they did it in a really bold, dynamic way,” St. Peter said of San Diego’s re-embrace of its brown-and-gold, swinging-friar history. “It wasn’t just a cookie-cutter of what Steve Garvey wore in 1984. And our goals are the same. How do you pay tribute to that history and heritage, but do it in a very modern way?”Twins President: Dave St. Peter (via Star Tribune)

This could go either way…

This experiment could go either way. There are a lot of great logos and uniforms throughout Twins’ history. Really, there isn’t a bad one that sticks out. Some better than others, but nothing that screams, “NO, DON’T DO THIS!”, like the Timberwolves uniforms from 2008-2009.

Still, do they go back to the “M” cap and ditch the “TC”? I’m in for that. Maybe, they bring back the pinstripes from the 90’s and early 00’s? Those were solid. Do they go really bold and embrace the baby blue 70’s throwbacks? It sounds like they’ll be re-mixing something from the past. Hopefully, they do it right.

Here is the history of the Minnesota Twins’ uniforms and logos, according to

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