Young Kirk Cousins Dropped Panties With His Pipes…

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We know a few things about Minnesota Vikings Quarterback, Kirk Cousins. He can throw a football far and accurately, but struggles when defenders are closing in around him. He wears a mask in public but isn’t afraid of Coronavirus. Oh, and he’s counting down the days to his death with a pile of rocks outside his house

But, did you know Kirk Cousins has the singing voice of an angel? Dale Doback would probably boil it down to a combo of Fergie and Jesus…

Younger Kirk Cousins was a walking panty-dropper. This dude did it all. He threw the winning touchdown pass on the field (ok, maybe not), banged the prom queen (definitely not), then sang her to sleep and took her to church the next morning (believable).

It’s funny. We bodyslam Kirk Cousins weekly, for the money he makes as a (mediocre) quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. But really… we all just want a drop of the life-talent this dude has. Remember, Cousins also posted a 3.7 GPA as a senior at Michigan State and won the “Lowe’s Senior Class Award” (whatever that is).

All of this from a guy who won’t even say “fuck”, or any other swear word. That’s correct, Kirk Cousins doesn’t cuss either. If you don’t believe me… just watch this “profanity-ridden highlight” the NFL put together recently.

So the next time someone tells you that getting good grades, or singing, or not swearing, is for losers… you just show them these videos of Kirk Cousins. Oh and don’t forget… he raps too.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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