Yo! Kirk Cousins Raps…

Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

We all know who Kirk Cousins is, by now. If you put a rocket right arm on your dad and told him to hit the gym, you’d eventually get Minnesota Vikings Quarterback, Kirk Cousins. His collection of New Balance shoes and white Champion tube socks surely makes him the envy of his neighbors. I’ll bet his lawn mower has a great cup-holder too…

There is one thing Kirk has held from us, though, while he stacks rocks in his front yard so we all remember how human he is… Our QB spits bars. That’s right, Kirk Cousins is an undiscovered rap talent.

So Many Questions…

Sure this is old video from when our QB was in Washington, but talent like this doesn’t just go away. Cousins has tried to convince us of his innocence. He can try to hide the “gangsta” (i feel white just typing that), behind his Adam Thielen “nice guy” apology tours… but we need answers, now that this video has surfaced.

Did Kirk Cousins ever dream of a future as a Hip Hop mogul? Who did he draw all of his inspiration from? Is he more of a Biggie or 2Pac guy? Does he want to follow in Eminem’s footsteps, when his football career is over? Is there any chance he leaves football to dive head-first into the rap game?

I’m not saying Kirk Cousins will leave the Minnesota Vikings to start a rap career… but could it be something he does when he retires? Troy Hudson and others have done it and Kirk has more talent than they did.

Cousins’ next zoom press conference is gonna be lit. Until then, watch this Kirk Cousins QB (not rapper) hype video. Next time, he might rap his own.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan