Without Jimmy Butler, the Timberwolves are EMBARRASSING Themselves

Here I sit, watching the Timberwolves play against Detroit, in the second game of a back-to-back. They are currently losing by 22 points, with nine minutes to play in the 4th quarter. This, after last night, when they lost by 23 points to the Indiana Pacers without their only good player, Miles Turner.

Now, I wrote an article before the season started, that talked about the patience we needed to show as a fan base. We have been starved of good basketball for far too long and the anticipation for the season is palpable. Remember, coming together as a basketball team isn’t easy, no matter how good your talent is. Ask all of LeBron’s Big 3 teams (See Here).

However, what has happened the last two nights is absolutely unacceptable. Before Jimmy Butler went out with an illness, prior to yesterday’s game, hopes were high and the Timberwolves looked to be on the rise. They started 2-1 after two last-second victories vs both the Jazz and Thunder. The Twin Cities media was talking about how nice it was to have a team that could finally finish games… Well, you have to be in a game to try and finish it.

The way the Wolves have looked these last two games, I would have taken the team from last year that would at least get big leads, showing us some hope, before blowing those leads down the stretch. At least we could talk about how the talent was there and the growth would come. This team has shown NOTHING from the very tip, since Butler went out.

I’m legitimately embarrassed about what is going on. They are giving up a million points but Towns has the nerve to come on the pregame and talk about how much pride he takes in his defense……. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, FSN even put it on Twitter. That wasn’t nice of them:

Does he think we’re stupid? Does he think we don’t watch? Towns might be the worst defensive player in basketball so far this season, and he wants to sit on our TV’s, with a straight face, and talk about how important the defensive end of the floor is to him? THEN SHOW IT.

These are two Eastern Conference NON-PLAYOFF teams the Wolves have played. You have to literally try to miss the playoffs in the East. Teams make the playoffs in that conference by having a -10 W/L ratio. Yet, the Timberwolves are losing to these teams. Wait…. not losing….. GETTING DESTROYED.

We are excited for the talent. We can be patient while they figure things out. We won’t watch you get blown out by garbage teams and use a missing Jimmy Butler as an excuse. We won’t let you lie to us about how important defense is, when you refuse to show it on the floor. Towns can stack the stat-sheet all he wants, but he will never win championships with the type of defense he plays.

This team won’t win any playoff series’ if they bring a bullshit effort to the arena, like they have the last two nights.

Have a little pride in your work.

Eric Strack (Founder/Editor)
Minnesota Sports Fan
MinnesotaSportsFan.com @RealMNSportsFan

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