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Sam Darnold, Minnesota Vikings
May 24, 2024
Sam Darnold may be the veteran starter for the Minnesota Vikings, but he’ll have to prove he can handle the pressure, and Ian Rapoport is skeptical.
Justin Jefferson
May 20, 2024
Justin Jefferson was a no-show to start OTAs for the Minnesota Vikings but that shouldn’t be a surprise with no new contract worked out.
Minnesota Vikings, Brian Flores
May 18, 2024
Minnesota Vikings DC Brian Flores sent a message to the rest of the NFL when he signed up for the Coach Accelerator Program.
Minnesota Vikings
May 16, 2024
In an attempt to bolster the roster depth, the Minnesota Vikings have signed a familiar pass-catcher that fans in the NFC North will surely recognize.
Minnesota Vikings 2024
May 16, 2024
The 2024 NFL schedule is out and the Minnesota Vikings find themselves underdogs in nearly every single game this season.
Jerry Jacobs, Minnesota Vikings
May 14, 2024
The Minnesota Vikings are reportedly hosting former Detroit Lions cornerback Jerry Jacobs. So will the Atlanta Falcons.
JJ McCarthy, Minnesota Vikings
May 10, 2024
JJ McCarthy took to the Minnesota Vikings practice fields for the first time and there’s video. After, he had an impressive media session too.
Jeremy Flax - Minnesota Vikings UDFA
Minnesota Vikings UDFA Jeremy Flax was the main aggressor in what might be the craziest locker room brawl ever caught on video.
Minnesota Vikings' Dallas Turner
An unnamed league executive has blasted the Minnesota Vikings for their NFL Draft trades
Minnesota Vikings, J.J. McCarthy
Apr 28, 2024
Will J.J. McCarthy start for the Minnesota Vikings right away? Kevin O’Connell’s plans for his new developmental QB have just been revealed.