Vikings are Making Sure JJ McCarthy and Justin Jefferson Become Tight

Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings
Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings - X)Credit: Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings - X)

The Minnesota Vikings’ new quarterback, JJ McCarthy, and star receiver Justin Jefferson, along with the rest of the team, are wrapping up their final week of OTAs. They’ll soon get a break before training camp kicks off at the end of July.

Today, several players spoke to the media, including first-round quarterback JJ McCarthy. During the session, McCarthy mentioned that he has only thrown one pass to wide receiver Justin Jefferson so far.

Obviously, that’s no way to acclimate your new prized asset, and the key to your future, with a superstar he has to throw the ball to, who you just guaranteed over $100 million. But, the Viking don’t have a lot of options. Jefferson just got to camp and McCarthy isn’t getting first team reps, with Sam Darnold currently holding down QB1.

Minnesota Vikings pair up Justin Jefferson and JJ McCarthy in the locker loom

That doesn’t mean the Minnesota Vikings aren’t aware of the bond that JJ and JJ need to be building. So, to make sure they are growing their relationship, both on and off the field, they made sure to put them together when in-between, by placing McCarthy’s locker right next to Jefferson’s at TCO Performance Center, taking the spot that used to belong to Kirk Cousins

Just think about it. If Justin Jefferson wants to have people over at the new mansion he is sure to buy on Lake Minnetonka during training camp next month, who is going to get the first invite? Probably his locker buddy.

If McCarthy is getting coffee for teammates, a common rookie responsibility, whose order is he going to know best? Probably the first dude he sees when he sits down at his locker every day. It’s an under-the-radar genius move by Kevin O’Connell and the Vikings staff.

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Today, McCarthy talked about the ups and downs of getting acclimated to the Minnesota Vikings system, and how mentally, he makes sure to never get too high and never get too low. In other words, trust the process. As he should, the 21-year-old expects to face some hurdles as he continues to develop.

The final day of Minnesota Vikings OTAs is Thursday. From then on out, it will be up to JJ McCarthy to make sure he learns and improves as much as possible between now and the end of July.

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After that, he’ll head into his first-ever training camp, where the competition with Sam Darnold will heat up. But hey, if Jefferson decides to plan some sort of summer workout, as the new bona fide leader of the Vikings’ offense, you know who will be the first to know? Probably not Sam Darnold…

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