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JJ McCarthy, Minnesota Vikings
The Minnesota Vikings are determined to sit JJ McCarthy until he is ready. They want him to take the QB1 job from Sam Darnold organically.
J.J. McCarthy throwing at Minnesota Vikings minicamp
Minnesota Vikings’ beat writer suggests that the Vikings need to monitor the torque on QB J.J. McCarthy as it could potentially lead to future injuries.
j.j. mccarthy, Minnesota Vikings
May 25, 2024
One NFL Analyst has Minnesota Vikings’ rookie QB J.J. McCarthy’s supporting cast ranked top-5 in the last three decades.
Syndication: The Record
Minnesota Vikings’ beat writer claims that rookie quarterback J.J. McCarthy is “right on track” regarding his development into a starting quarterback.
jj mccarthy, dallas turner, minnesota vikings
May 22, 2024
ESPN anticipates strong debut seasons from Minnesota Vikings’ rookies JJ McCarthy & Dallas Turner. Like… really strong.
JJ McCarthy, Minnesota Vikings
JJ McCarthy is the quarterback of the future for the Minnesota Vikings, but it’s clear oddsmakers believe his time could come in the very near future.
JJ McCarthy, Minnesota Vikings
May 10, 2024
JJ McCarthy took to the Minnesota Vikings practice fields for the first time and there’s video. After, he had an impressive media session too.
J.J. McCarthy, Minnesota Vikings
Now that the Minnesota Vikings have their QB of the future, what are the chances JJ McCarthy starts week one? One local insider gives his take.
jj mccarthy, minnesota vikings
Apr 30, 2024
The Minnesota Vikings hit a home run by settling for JJ McCarthy and that’s coming from a guy who wanted Drake Maye – Meet The Brohioan.
JJ McCarthy, Dallas Turner
Apr 28, 2024
The Minnesota Vikings took two players in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft and both have very good odds to win Rookie of the Year.