Vikings, Cardinals Trade for No. 4 Pick (JJ McCarthy) is Reportedly Stalled Over ’25 1st Rounder

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings
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The Minnesota Vikings are almost guaranteed to take a quarterback in the first round of the NFL Draft, come April 25. We just don’t know when they will take said 1st round QB, or who they are targeting. They’ve met and worked out with four of the six projected 1st rounders, Caleb Williams (USC) and Jayden Daniels (LSU) being the two guys they have not yet touched base with, in a private setting.

Minnesota Vikings targeting JJ McCarthy…?

But a fresh report from longtime Miami Herald Dolphins reporter and NFL insider, Armando Salguero (now of, it’s JJ McCarthy that Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell wants and JJ McCarthy who general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah is targeting. Salguero hints at “whispers” of McCarthy being their guy early in the article, but gets more pointed later (below)

Yes, the Vikings have Sam Darnold on the roster as their bridge quarterback but would like to draft their future quarterback – with all the whispers surrounding Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy because he “fits” Minnesota’s offense, per a source.

Armando Salguero –

But it isn’t just the QB target that Salguero is sure of. He is very sure of the team and slot, too. Why, because he is being told that the Vikings and Arizona Cardinals are already deeeeep into talks over the No. 4 overall pick.

That match is perfect, as the longtime insider points out. Not only does Minnesota get their QB of the future, but Arizona would end up with THREE first round picks in this year’s draft (No. 11, 23 and 27), given the Vikings current offer, which is this year’s two 1st round picks.

Cardinals’ demand for Vikings 2025 1st rounder reportedly stalling the deal

NFL: Preseason-Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings
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What’s stalling the deal, as of now, is the Cardinals demand for the Vikings’ 2025 1st round pick, on top of the two for 2024. Salguero says Kwesi Adofo-Mensah is not willing to give up that much, in order to move up eight spots for the board’s 4th-best quarterback.

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Armando cite’s Rick Spielman’s recent report that essentially confirms the same things he is hearing, regarding the Cardinals and Vikings trade talks. That Minnesota wanting McCarthy, and Arizona demanding three 1st round picks for him, is an open secret right now around league circles (here is also where he gets more pointed about who the Vikings want).

Ossenfort has in conversations made it known it’s in the best interest of the Cardinals to pick up three first-round picks in exchange for the No. 4 overall selection, if he has to drop a significant amount in the first round.

The fact the Cardinals are floating three first-round picks in return for their pick in what basically would be a trade for J.J. McCarthy is an open secret now.

And this is where the perfect scenario hits obstacles. Because the Vikings aren’t enthusiastic about giving up three first-round picks, with two of those coming in the same draft, to improve eight spots in the draft.

Armando Salguero –

So, what’s the fix? Well, the well-respected NFL insider first gives credence to Arizona’s demands. That three 1st round picks isn’t an incomprehensible amount, necessarily. He notes that the 49ers moved up in 2021 for Trey Lance, a deal that cost three 1st rounders.

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He also mentions that the Vikings could face competition on draft night for the No. 4 overall pick, in the Broncos, (maybe) the Raiders and a possible mystery team. But even so, Salguero makes it clear that the Vikings have by far the most capital (with two 2024 1st rounders) to make a deal.

League knows Arizona is over-charging Minnesota for trade up

And from what he is hearing around the league, most agree that the Cardinals are asking for too much by demanding a third 1st rounder, to get the deal done. He notes that Kwesi & Co “would prefer to massage” that 2025 1st rounder into a future day-two pick, with contingencies.

[The Vikings] would prefer to massage the scenario to where they give up other draft capital in the future but not another first-rounder to bring the total cost of first-rounders to three. 

Armando Salguero –

Armando even goes as far as imploring STRONGLY for Cardinals general manager Monti Ossenfort to wisen up or show his hand at some point before he makes a franchise-altering mistake by handing in the No. 4 overall draft card to Roger Goodell in a couple of weeks.

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And while the Vikings want a chance at McCarthy, the Cardinals also want a chance to turn the first-round into a franchise defining opportunity.

It’s possible sanity prevails and the Vikings offer capital that is something other than a 2025 first-rounder. Maybe a conditional third-rounder next year that rises to a No. 2 if McCarthy [assuming he’s the guy] plays a certain number of snaps?

It’s also possible the Cardinals balk and simply turn in their draft card, thus disappointing themselves, their fans, and putting a tremendous amount of pressure on whatever player they do select at No. 4. That doesn’t sound quite so attractive, does it?

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