Jayden Daniels Does Not Appear Interested in Meeting or Working Out with Vikings

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With the NFL Draft exactly three weeks away, the Minnesota Vikings have been doing their homework about any and all possible draft prospects that might end up in purple and gold at the end of round 1. After Kirk Cousins left and Sam Darnold signed to a 1 year deal, the consensus has been that the Vikings will use their two 1st round draft picks (11, 23) to trade up and take their QB of the future.

There have been multiple names linked to the Vikings, most notably JJ McCarthy (Michigan), Drake Maye (UNC), Jayden Daniels (LSU) and Michael Penix Jr (Washington). They have already had private workouts with both McCarthy and Penix, and reportedly have one scheduled with Maye as well.

But what about Daniels? Chatter connecting the Vikings to the LSU QB has been quiet, since a meeting between the two sides that was supposed to take place after his pro day was mysteriously canceled. Now, over a week later, Jayden still has yet to meet with anyone in the Vikings organization, since the NFL combine.

Jayden Daniels won’t meet with Minnesota Vikings?

Meanwhile, the entire staff was in Seattle over the weekend meeting with Penix Jr. According to insider Darren Wolfson (SKOR North), the Vikings are trying to get a more in-depth look at Daniels before draft day, but finding a time that works is proving difficult.

“Jaden Daniels, LSU quarterback, we’ve been wondering will he connect with Kevin O’Connell somewhere along the way here pre-draft. I am told the sides are still working through that, so nothing is on the book as of right now.”

“The idea has been for Kevin O’Connell to connect with a lot of these guys so they’re still working through it like the Vikings want to spend time with Jaden specifically Kevin and Jaden’s Camp is trying to work through that he’s got some other visits lined up so it’s navigating a lot with what three weeks to go.”

Darren Wolfson – SKOR North

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While there were reports that Jayden Daniels was very impressed with Vikings head coach Kevin O’ Connell, after their meeting at the NFL Combine, there seems to be some doubt coming from the 23-year-old’s camp on whether or not a workout with the Minnesota Vikings is necessary at all.

“Let me make this clear, Phil. The Vikings want to connect with Jayden Daniels. So, this would be more the Jayden Daniels camp [saying], ‘we think our client is going No. 2 to Washington or his floor is No. 3 to New England, we really don’t think New England is going to move off of No. 3 so why have him do all these meetings? It’s already been a lengthy, grueling pre-draft process, let’s not overload him. Let’s have him focus on Washington; focus on New England. Do we need him to focus on the Vikings?'”

“So that’s where the Vikings are trying to sell the Daniels camp on, ‘yes, we are heavily interested. There is a scenario where we could land him. We want to do as much homework on him as possible’, so that’s where the dialogue continues. But make no mistake about this, the Vikings hope to connect with Jayden Daniels”

Darren Wolfson – SKOR North

What does this mean for the Vikings?

While this report doesn’t indicate a meeting can’t, or won’t happen, it certainly casts doubt on this idea that the Vikings will trade up, possibly as high as No. 2, to draft Jayden Daniels. I mean, if that is a realistic possibility, they’re clearly having issues convincing Jayden and his team that they’re serious enough about it.

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Sure, KOC got to talk with him at the combine, but these private workouts are what the Vikings head coach is using to largely determine which QB he is going to pin his career to. It’s hard to see him doing that with a quarterback who won’t even give him the time of day.

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