Vikings QB Interest: Three Private Workouts and One Canceled Meeting

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The Minnesota Vikings are expected to pick their new franchise quarterback in a few weeks, when the 2024 NFL Draft takes place in Detroit on April 25. It’s been lightly speculated that the Vikings could go a different direction other than QB, with their two first round picks, choosing instead to hand the keys of their offense to newly acquired Sam Darnold… but don’t hold your breath.

In all likelihood, though, general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and head coach Kevin O’Connell will use their first round draft capital to land a new QB. They could use No. 11 and No. 23 to move into the top-10, even top-5, if they’re targeting Drake Maye (UNC), JJ McCarthy (Michigan) or Jayden Daniels (LSU).

Or, they could stay put and use No. 23 to draft someone like Michael Penix Jr, who they have also been linked to recently. The options are endless. They can get as high as top two or three, if they’re willing to part with their 2025 1st, or even move back, if they do like Penix.

Minnesota Vikings QB interest tracker:

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But before we can start to figure out where they want to move (or stay) on draft night, we need to figure out which quarterback they covet. With all of the conflicting reports on that subject, it’s impossible to know the answer to that question. We can, however, look at the facts and who they have taken the time to meet with, even though private meetings could always be a distraction tactic too.

Vikings HAVE met with JJ McCarthy and Michael Penix Jr

The Minnesota Vikings have reportedly held private workouts with three of the quarterbacks mentioned above. The first was in Ann Arbor (last week we believe), where they had an extensive visit with JJ McCarthy. The only other QB they’ve already held a confirmed private workout with is Penix Jr.

According to Albert Breer (MMQB), they have one scheduled with Maye too. Breer mentions two or three other anonymous QBs the Vikings plan to workout privately.

Some teams are jumping into private workouts. The Vikings have already done one with McCarthy and plan to do one with Maye and two or three others.

Albert Breer – MMQB (SI)

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What might be more revealing than the private workouts the Vikings have already completed, or what they still have scheduled, might be the meeting that got canceled. One quarterback prospect at the top of the draft that the Minnesota Vikings have been linked to, but do not yet have a reported workout scheduled with, is LSU’s Jayden Daniels.

Drake Maye workout scheduled… Jayden Daniels meeting canceled until further notice?

They were, however, supposed to meet privately with Jayden after his pro day workout last week. For whatever reason, that meeting never took place and there isn’t anything that’s been scheduled since… at least not that we’ve heard about. But according to Darren Wolfson (SKOR North), the Vikings are trying to find a way to meet with Jayden Daniels before the draft… though it seems that might be a difficult feat to accomplish.

“The idea was, after [Jayden Daniels’] pro day last week, [for the Vikings] to spend some one-on-one time with him. That never happened. Now, Kevin O’Connell wasn’t in Baton Rouge anyway but the idea is, somewhere here along the way before the draft this month, the Vikings will spend time with Jayden Daniels. Whether that’s a top-30 visit or whether they go to him… to be determined. But I know that’s the idea.”

Darren Wolfson – Mackey & Judd (SKOR North)

Clearly, the Minnesota Vikings are still trying to set up some sort of meeting with Jayden Daniels but it’s at least worth noting that, not only was their meeting in Baton Rouge blown up last week for some unknown reason… but finding another time to meet privately with the Heisman Trophy winner is seemingly way more difficult than it should be.

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As of now, it appears the Minnesota Vikings are most closely linked to JJ McCarthy, Drake Maye and Michael Penix Jr. Of course, that could change with the next big report that drops.

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