Stefon Diggs Forcing His Way Out of Buffalo is No Surprise for Minnesota Vikings Fans

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It appears Stefon Diggs may have a commitment problem. After another Buffalo Bills playoff run fell short of producing a Super Bowl appearance, Diggs has forced his way out of town, in a much similar way to what we saw when he forced his way out of the Minnesota Vikings organization.

Stefon Diggs forces way out of Buffalo

After weeks in limbo, which included condescending interviews and weird tweets that caused ripples throughout Buffalo, news broke on Wednesday that the Bills are trading Stefon Diggs (along with 5th (2025) and 6th (2024) round picks) to the Houston Texans, for a 2nd round pick Houston received from the Vikings, when they consummated a deal that landed Minnesota pick No. 23 in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft.

Obviously, this trade has Minnesota Vikings dust sprinkled all over it. For starters, the Texans used a draft pick that they received from the Vikings’ and sent it to Buffalo, as payment for Stefon Diggs. Then, obviously, there’s the very complicated history between Diggs’ and the Vikings.

This is the same dude who caught the Minneapolis miracle. The same kid who landed in Minneapolis and quickly proved himself as one of the most underrated wide receiver prospects in NFL Draft history, as a 5th rounder who, in tno time, was a yearly pro bowl participant.

Minnesota Vikings fans know all too well

On the other hand, we were the first NFL fan base to witness the selfish, premadonna side of Stefon Diggs. Long before most NFL fans knew that side existed. He caused in-fighting in the locker room and, even more so, between players and the Mike Zimmer coaching staff, at the time.

He was suspended for reasons that didn’t actually include mind-bending tweets or iconic back-and-forth interviews with local GOAT reporters. We will always have that ‘truth to all rumors’ back and forth, along with his fake cough and reported illnesses. These articles were all posted at MSF within three months of each other.

All and all, given the massive distraction that we all know Stefon Diggs was trying to be behind the scenes in Buffalo, I’d say the Bills got a pretty good overall package out of his short time there. Yes, they traded a 1st round pick for him, and that pick ended up being used to draft Justin Jefferson.

But in the end, Buffalo got three very good seasons out of Diggs and was still able to flip him for a 2nd rounder, when he became too much for them to handle. Yes, the Bills also have to pay a $31 million dead cap charge for dealing Stef away. That is going to hurt, no doubt about it.

But as previously mentioned, we in Minnesota know better than anybody how desperately he was likely pushing to get out of town. Who knows what was going on behind the scenes in Buffalo, over the last few days. What I do know, is that Stef should probably think about getting his shit together in Houston.

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Knowing the longevity of wide receivers in the NFL, this is probably the last time a now 30-year-old Diggs will be able to force himself into another situation. If he wants to keep playing in the league, beyond his prime years, Stef better learn how to be a better teammate, player and employee, while playing in Houston.

NFL teams are willing to put up with uber-talented premadonna wide receivers when they take the field and regularly ball out at a higher level than those around them. But, as has always been the case in this league, nobody wants to employ a declining premadonna who is no longer worth the problems.

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