Stefon Diggs Deletes Everything Vikings-Related From His Instagram Account…

Despite a drama-filled week, WR Stefon Diggs will play for the Vikings on Sunday against the Giants. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

Stefon Diggs has had Vikings fans on a rollercoaster ride all offseason. It’s nothing new with our star wide receiver, which we have documented on this website many times.

This time, the Diggs controversy comes from his Instagram account, where has taken everything down that relates to the Minnesota Vikings…

I’d like to shake this off and maybe Stefon has really decided to take his social media trolling to another level… but when you think about the effort it would take Diggs to go through his entire Instagram account, deleting every picture of the team he’s played for since 2015… your mind opens a bit.

Deleting all of your pictures on Instagram, that include a specific person, is something people do to forget about ex-wives/husbands and former girlfriends/boyfriends.

You have to be pretty pissed off at your employer if you are doing that with them….

Maybe Diggs really is being whipped around trade discussions, in a way he’s unhappy with or being asked to take a paycut (which he clearly wouldn’t be willing to do). If it’s one or the other, he is making it pretty clear which Viking hand he is going to force.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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