Stefon Diggs All But Confirms Trade Request Rumors So He Can Go Fly a Kite

Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images
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Ok… there is so much to unpack here. (You can catch the interview with better audio HERE)

Stefon Diggs was back at Vikings practice today, after he’s been trolling on social media and ducking out of practice for a supposed cold or maybe CPAP shopping… we still aren’t sure.

What I am sure of, after watching his media scrum today at TCO Performance Center, is that all of the rumors of his trade requests, are true. That became pretty clear, early in the interview when he said, “there’s truth to all rumors”, after being asked about his the speculation flying around, on his trade request.

He almost saved twitter from burning, when Courtney Cronin from ESPN asked AGAIN (more bluntly this time), “Did you ask for a trade?” Diggs said something about how he hasn’t talked to anyone in the organization about a trade. But, Ben Goessling of the Star Tribune did a great job of side-stepping Stefon’s side-step, by asking if his agent may have asked for a trade, for him? Stefon answered that question (with a sly smile), “I haven’t spoken to him about it. You’d have to ask him.”

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Alright, I get it. I’m not stupid. Diggsy probably communicated with his agent, shortly after the loss last week in Chicago, and had him bring up his unhappiness to the team, along with the possibility of a future trade, if the offense doesn’t turn around (and get the ball into his and Thielen’s hands more often) in a hurry.

Why do I “assume” this, after watching this video? If you haven’t asked for a trade or communicated that your unhappiness could lead to a future trade, whether through your agent or in person, then you wouldn’t be giving a runaround bullshit press conference like this. Why would you want your teammates or the fans questioning your commitment?

Going forward, unless something changes my mind, I am operating under the assumption that Stefon Diggs has already started the process of forcing his way out of Minnesota.

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So, I’m done with Stefon Diggs. This is an asshole move. You said you’ve “been here for a minute”. Yeah, you have. I’d imagine he even sees himself as a leader on this team. How is this showing leadership? How the fuck does this help your team win games? How is this going to make the rest of your team rally from a 2-2 start, to becoming a playoff team?

It doesn’t

Shit like this leads to more descension in a locker room. If Diggs wants out of Minnesota then find a good trade and ship him the fuck out. I’m done with players who don’t want to be here or guys who face a bit of controversy and now they bail. You go to work with these guys every single day and you get paid way more than most of them. You work for one of the best organizations across the entire league and the Vikings players (outside of Kirk Cousins and Kickers) are babied by media and owners, unlike any other city with a fan base as rabid as ours.

Grab your fucking helmet, meet with your teammates, and find a way to help your defense and your running back win football games, instead of getting your money and turning into an asshole who starts crying at the first sign of controversy.

I just never thought I’d write something like this about Stefon Diggs. I thought all of our guys were above this bullshit. Imagine if he had actually played for a dead end franchise, in a shit city, that doesn’t give a fuck about him…. maybe he’d be crying less right now. If he wants to play in Washington DC, like his brother has implied on social media in the past, then send him there, lol. I’m sure he’d be WAY less frustrated in that dumpster fire…

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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