Twins Not Done: Ryan Pressly Traded to Astros

I hope you weren’t just about to play some video games and go to bed for the night (I was). Hell no. Not when the Minnesota Twins are having a fire sale out in Boston. Judging by how the Facebook comments went on the Eduardo Escobar trade earlier today, I’m guessing this one won’t be all that well-received either.

But hey, at least we didn’t just get walked off in the 10th inning with Matt Belisle on the mound, right…

Ryan Pressly was on the top of the chopping block as a back-end reliever who seems to have blossomed this year and throws upwards of 98-99 MPH. And now he gets to do it for the world champs. Before this season though, Ryan was inconsistent so it’ll be interesting to see how he does, come playoff time. According to those who’d know, it seems like the Twins got a decent haul back for Pressly, who still is under arbitration control next season. Bullpen pitchers are a lot more expensive this time of year.

But, if you thought the Twins had a chance to come back and make the playoffs this season, it’s clear that the front office doesn’t care. They are ready to turn this team over while they look to the offseason and what they are going to spend with the $80-$100 million that’ll be freeing up around the roster. Until then, we’ll watch some young guys try to prove themselves while we hope Sano and Buxton can turn things around. Get the playoffs out of your minds, though. And, the trades definitely aren’t over yet.

In other words, the Twins are in FULL TANK MODE.

See you in the morning


Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan

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