Timberwolves Release New “The Cities” Edition Unis

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The Minnesota Timberwolves just released a new form of their “City Edition” uniforms. This time though, they’ve put their own spin on it and they are calling it “The Cities” Edition uniforms…. which I must admit, is a pretty fucking awesome concept. They slapped a simple “MSP” design on the front and gave it a “carolina” blue color, and you can color me impressed. This uniform is awesome and so is the “family” concept that comes with it.

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There was one point, when this new uniform contract was first bought by Nike, where I knew how the whole jersey selection process worked with the “city” edition and the “throwback” edition and the “earned” edition… but I don’t remember and it’s more difficult than it should be, to find.

All I do know, is that I will be forever disappointed in every new uniform release until Glen Taylor finally brings back Old Shep’. Everyone in Minnesota wants Old Shep back but Glen Taylor seems to distance himself from those early uniforms more and more, as the years go bye. I can’t remember the last time we wore those uniforms to commemorate those first few years in the NBA.

Here’s the thing… I’m only 30. I can’t remember back to when the Wolves actually wore those uniforms. It’s not that type of attachment for me. That royal blue and forest green along with the Old Shep logo is just one of the best throwbacks of all time. It’s like the Brewers burying their glove and ball logo (which they are now bringing back because they realized that was really stupid).

So…… I like this new uniform a lot. I liked the Prince one too. The black with green trees definitely hit me in the sensitive spots because that is the uniform I grew up with. HOWEVER, I need to see these first uniforms in some format. The block “WOLVES” on the front… old shep on the shorts leg… please Glen.. just give the people what they want.

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Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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