Timberwolves Fans Are So Desperate, it’s Embarrassing…

Oh no…. I’ve upset Timberwolves fans on Twitter…

It’s been a rough history between the Timberwolves fans on Twitter (and elswhere tbh), that haven’t already blocked me. Nobody likes the guy who claims to be the “Real MN Sports Fan”, according to his handle, then repeatedly runs your favorite Minnesota team into the ground.

What Wolves fans don’t realize, is that my actions (hit blogs and capitalized tweets) are born out of love and that my hostility comes from a place of sacrifice. I act this way for you… the fellow fan

I know, that it is very difficult for fans to see the long term picture clearly. I struggle with it too. It’s unnatural to cheer for your favorite teams to lose… but someone has to LOUDLY let the Timberwolves brass (clearly Gersson has heard myself and others) know that we are also smart enough to realize that losing/tanking is better for the team’s future, than winning meaningless games that won’t result in playoff appearances. Someone in the fanbase has to call for the tank so they know there won’t be anarchy if they keep losing.

I am ok with being that hated, loud figure, if that’s what it will take. Nail me to that cross, so I can die for you Wolves fans. You have bigger lives to live. You want to sit down and relax, when you get home from work or, for younger kids, home from school and activities. Maybe your job sucks or you deal with bullies all day at school…

I was living the adult hustle and bustle life with a kid and a cubicle job until last year. I get it. Now I just get called stupid on the internet for being smarter than everyone else. I know, I know… but someone has to carry this cross so just thank me with a follow and let’s move on.

Fans don’t want to root for their team to lose. You want to sit back in your recliner or on your favorite couch, grab that beer, glass of wine, or other semi-illegal recreational activity…. and you want to cheer for your favorite teams to win.

For sports fans, that’s natural. When your team loses, you want to be mad about it. When they win, you want to celebrate…. (especially when you beat the guy who strolled into town as the savior, but then left it as nothing more than a radiation-poisoned wasteland left by nothing short of the NBA player version of a nuclear bomb)

But my tweets on the subject (and their expected and associated aftermath) are not a reflection of last night’s win. Sure, I want us to lose every game possible so we can get better, because I am willing to be the sacrificial lamb of this fanbase, but I can’t expect others to be happy about it.

Like I said in my tweet above, it’s the fanbase going at Jimmy (publicly), as if last night’s win meant anything to the storyline of our broken narrative or anything to either party’s future…

Again, it is one thing to feel good about a win as a fan. It also feels good to talk shit, as a fan. That is natural too. Some might argue (I wouldn’t but others might) that I talk too much shit, especially given my 5-9, 140 lb frame, so I understand the urge to throw anything possible back in Jimmy’s face.

But sometimes, if you talk shit, you look like a fucking idiot…. and this is one of those times, Wolves fans.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have been a disaster of a franchise for almost all of its existence. Kevin Garnett saved us for 10 years so we avoided being a complete shit stain on the underwear of the NBA for our entire existence. When you pull back the curtain though, like many former players and employees from that era have done, it was ugly behind the scenes throughout KG’s tenure too.

Yes, I am starting to trust in what Gersson Rosas is doing and I am comforted by the fact that other trusted names around the league continue to praise him as a hire, and what he’s done since. But our redemption day on Jimmy Butler wasn’t last night.

Jimmy has built his career on playoff games and massive matchups that have raised him into one of the biggest stars in the NBA. He has played in 55 playoff games during his 8 seasons in the NBA.

The Timberwolves, over their 32 year existence, have played in 52 playoff games. Jimmy also has more wins than the Wolves over his 8 years (compared to our 32), with 22 victories to our 18.

This season, Jimmy will add more games and more wins to his playoff total. The Wolves will not. Who knows what that ratio will look like when Butler retires, but what I do know now, is this is not the time to be talking shit to him. We may never get a good chance. He might get away with all of his terrible transgressions, free of charge. That’s up for KAT, Saunders, Rosas and Co. to decide.

It’s the Timberwolves’ fault that their fanbase is this desperate… that they would stoop this low to throw some shade back at someone who deserves it so badly… Fans having nothing else left but to put such weight into a pitiful regular season win (WHEN WE ARE TRYING TO TANK), is the saddest part of this whole tragedy.

But, at least everyone is finally in agreement on Rosas being the right guy for the job, if there is one…. he even hides his agenda and fights rumors better than his peers already.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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