Tim Connelly to Meet with Glen Taylor


Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez want to hire Tim Connelly away from the Denver Nuggets. To make it happen, they’re offering a long term and astronomical amounts of money. Reports on Friday night had the price at “way more than what the Nuggets are paying him”. The term as much as 8 years in length.

Whatever the details, the offer would reportedly make Connelly one of the highest-compensated President of Basketball Operations in the NBA. But A-Rod and Lore aren’t yet majority owners of the Minnesota Timberwolves. That is still Glen Taylor.

The Final Step: Dinner at Glen’s

And if we know anything about Glen, it’s that he doesn’t make big hiring decisions without hosting said prospect at the Taylor residence for a home-cooked meal, some blunt conversations and an intense staring contest.

That’s how A-Rod and Lore convinced Glen to sell them the team. It’s how Andrew Wiggins coaxed a max-contract he never should have received. Now, it’s how Tim Connelly will attempt to prove himself worthy of the unprecedented offer made to him by the Timberwolves’ new minority owners.

Done Deal?

The rest of the league may not know it, but this is the final step for Connelly. Glen Taylor isn’t inviting him over for an evening of food, firm handshakes and eye-gazing unless he’s ready to accept the position as new Timberwolves’ PoBO.

If Tim Connelly can impress Glen Taylor like he has Alex Rodriguez, Marc Lore and many higher-ups across the league, the job is his. Let’s be real. Unless Connelly farts awkwardly or denounces Becky’s cooking, we should expect an official announcement of his hiring early next week.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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