Timberwolves Officially Ink Andrew Wiggins to $148 Million Deal

Finally, it is official. There really wasn’t any doubt but the longer he waited, the more nervous a gun-shy Minnesota fan base was getting.

Wiggins always said it wasn’t going to be a problem but also continued to state that he wasn’t in any hurry to get the deal done. Now that it is done, Glen Taylor and Andrew Wiggins made these statements:

“Andrew is one of the best young players in the NBA and he has the talent and work ethic to get even better and be a foundation for our franchise for many years.” – Glen Taylor

“I love it here. The fans and the organization have supported me from my first day here in Minnesota.” – Andrew Wiggins

Wiggins will now be on the books for the Timberwolves through the 2023 season. Wiggins was the first step in 3 major dominoes. The coming offseasons will be when this team commits to being near the top of the Western Conference for the foreseeable future. Both KAT and Butler are can sign max-extensions with the TWolves next summer.

KAT’s will be close to Andrew’s. Butler’s will be bigger, since his is a Veteran Max, and Wiggins and KAT are signing max deals that come off of their rookie contracts. Unless something goes completely haywire between now and next summer, I don’t see their being much angst or resistance from either sides of the negotiations. Butler and KAT can both get paid more money and years in Minnesota, because the Wolves own both players’ “Bird Rights”(Rule 25 at CBAFAQ.com) AND, for the same reason, the Wolves can go OVER their salary cap to sign both players.

The Wolves are setting themselves up to be a perennial power house in the Western Conference. This is a team KG will be proud of. The type of guys we couldn’t get around him, for most of his career in Minnesota.

It is going to be fun to watch.

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