Teddy Works Out With NO Knee Brace; Optimism High

We have been waiting for more news on Teddy Bridgewater and his knee.

Today, we saw some hope. Tom Pelissero watched practice and is feeling more optimistic than ever since Teddy’s injury:

Now, this doesn’t mean Teddy will be on the field and taking snaps against the Seahawks on Friday. However, the narrative continues to change.

Here is the most intriguing thing to me out of what Tom says:

“The most-likely scenario remains that Bridgewater, at-least, begins this season on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) List”

A few months ago, the thought of Bridgewater playing at all in 2017-18 was impossible. We were told that his knee injury was sooooo egregious that he may never walk the same again, let alone play QB in the NFL.

One thing seems very clear. The Vikings are NOT ready to give up on Bridgewater.

They are yet to extend Bradford which may scream that they expect Bridgewater back and healthy at some point. It is just too big of a risk to chance losing the only competent QB you have seen play in 2 years, to Free Agency. Not when you haven’t seen Teddy take a real snap in that time-period.

However, it isn’t as big of a risk if you get the chance to see Teddy THIS season… Right?

So where do things go from here? Well here are some possible outcomes:

If Bridgewater starts the season on the PUP List, he has from the Vikings’ 6th game through Week 10, to be removed from the list and be activated for the remainder of this season. (This is where I would put my money if I were a betting man…which I am.)

IF that happens, Teddy will be an Unrestricted Free Agent once the season is over, since the Vikings didn’t sign his 5th year extension earlier this spring. They would have to offer an extension to either Teddy or Sam next offseason or they would lose both.

IF Teddy is UNABLE to come off the PUP List this year, then he would remain with the Vikings for next season as part of an injury clause, that would extend the term, in his Rookie Contract. Patrick Reusse stated, in a piece earlier this week for the StarTribune, that the Vikings would have the opportunity to extend him AGAIN for that 5th year, as part of that injury clause.

In other words, the Vikings would own Teddy’s rights for 2 more seasons, AFTER THIS SEASON, if he doesn’t come back at some point this year.

This makes the Vikings feel better about keeping Teddy, whether he can come back this year or not until next. It doesn’t help them decide on Sam, since they still wouldn’t see Teddy take a real snap before having to make a decision on resigning Bradford.

That’s why this thinking doesn’t make sense. The only way NOT extending Bradford makes sense is if the Vikings expect to see Teddy again THIS YEAR. Then you wouldn’t want to pay Sam if Teddy is healthy and looks like he is ready to be a starting QB.

I am becoming more and more of a believer that Teddy will be back this year. Everything from his Tweets, to the Vikings actions, to his teammates moods on the subject, lead me to believe we will see Teddy in pads before the season is over… maybe.


Eric Strack
Minnesota Sports Fan @RealMNSportsFan



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