Should Vikings Attempt to Steal Joe Flacco from Browns?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns
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The Minnesota Vikings have serious question marks at the quarterback position, after benching QB Josh Dobbs against the Las Vegas Raiders, in favor of Nick Mullens, who came in and helped the Vikings secure an ugly 3-0 victory.

On Tuesday, Mullens was rewarded with the starting quarterback job this Saturday vs the Cincinnati Bengals. But let’s be real, there isn’t much confidence in any of the quarterbacks currently on the team’s roster. Which begs the question… is the Vikings’ best QB1 option still outside the organization?

Should Minnesota Vikings try Plan C: Joe Flacco?

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Just in case you missed it, following a difficult debut in week 13 against the Rams, Flacco went off in week 14 vs the Jacksonville Jaguars, throwing for over 300 yard, and 3 TDs, lead the Cleveland Browns to victory.

But when that magic performance ended, Flacco reverted back to the Browns practice squad. And, as of Tuesday evening, that’s where he still sits, making Joe 100% available to sign with any NFL team who offers him a contract.

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Well, Andrew Fillipponi — a popular radio host from 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh — floated a very interesting Vikings-related idea on Twitter recently. Should the Vikings attempt to bring in Super Bowl XLVII MVP Joe Flacco?

After Flacco’s stellar performance, head coach Kevin Stefanski announced Flacco as the starting quarterback for the Browns for the rest of the season. So, why is he still on the practice squad?

While Flacco is fully within his legal right if he signs elsewhere, it has to be within his best interest to do so. He isn’t on waivers so he’d have to agree to sign with another team. Most other teams aren’t going to be knocking down the Browns practice facility door to steal Joe Flacco away from them.

Cleveland possesses a considerable amount of salary cap space but their strategy for keeping Flacco on the practice squad seems mostly roster related, not cap-related. Elevating Flacco off the practice squad on weekends allows the Browns to maintain 53-man roster flexibility during the week, which appears to be a driving factor in keeping their starting quarterback off their non-game day roster.

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A move for Joe Flacco… actually makes sense

Still, leaving Flacco on the practice squad, even if it’s only temporary, is risky business. The Minnesota Vikings could use the Browns strategy against them and it might be something the should seriously think about doing. This opportunity to swoop in and swipe Joe Flacco out from under the Browns’ noses emerges as the Vikings face huge quarterback challenges.

For a supposed NFC contender with three less-than-ideal QBs to choose from, a late pursuit of Flacco should be a very tempting proposition. Flacco may not be what he once was, which was never at the level of Kirk Cousins prior to injury, but he’s 100% better than anything the Vikings currently have to offer.

In his Browns debut in week 14, Flacco went 26 of 45 passing for 311 yards, 3 touchdowns and just 1 interception. In comparison, Josh Dobbs sandwiched a week 13 Vikings bye with 248 yards, 1 touchdown and 4 interceptions total in two games against the Bears and Raiders.

Despite Flacco’s apparent commitment to the Browns, a substantial financial offer from a contender in the wide open NFC (like the Vikings) could entice him to reconsider. You’d think such an opportunity would be tantalizing for Flacco, given the Vikings’ high odds of making the playoffs and the weapons he’d have to throw to, in Justin Jefferson, Jordan Addison and TJ Hockenson.

Assessing the Vikings’ Quarterback Conundrum

Although Nick Mullens seems like the probable starter going forward, over Jaren Hall and Josh Dobbs. But head coach Kevin O’Connell’s recent “week-to-week” statement implies the possibility they are still open on their approach at QB going forward.

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Mullens has limited experience and no notable playoff history. The Dobbs race to NFL fame seems to have run its course already and Hall looked good in limited action but is the least experienced option. In other words, none of the Vikings’ current options compare to the track record of Flacco.

Considering Flacco’s extensive NFL career, including a Super Bowl MVP, and the Vikings current options at QB, there’s a compelling argument for pursuing him. While making a late-season quarterback change poses challenges, acquiring a seasoned quarterback like Flacco could significantly elevate the Vikings’ offense from the train wreck it has become in recent weeks.


The allure of acquiring Joe Flacco presents the Minnesota Vikings with a potential solution to their quarterback woes. His proven track record, experience, and past success make him an attractive option.

While the odds of Flacco bailing on Cleveland are slim, money does have a long known history of talking people athletes into things. As the NFL landscape evolves, a decision to pursue Flacco could very well prove instrumental in any real chance at the Vikings making a playoff run.

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