Kirk Cousins on the ManningCast was Peak Television Entertainment

Photo: Kirk Cousins on X

The Minnesota Vikings and most of their fanbase realized on Sunday evening just how much they miss Kirk Cousins, as we all watched Josh Dobbs throw Justin Jefferson into the hospital and fail to put even one point on the Allegiant Stadium scoreboard for 3.5 quarters vs the Raiders.

Finally, head coach Kevin O’Connell replaced Dobbs with Nick Mullens, who — in three 4th quarter drives — managed to push the offense far enough for Greg Joseph to kick a game-winning field goal. Unlike his first attempt earlier in the game, Joseph drilled the game-winning FG from 37-yards and the Vikings somehow escaped Vegas with a 3-0 win.

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It sure would have been nice seeing Kirk Cousins on our TV screens Sunday, leading the Vikings offense up and down the field, putting up hundreds of passing yards and double-digit points with ease, as if any NFL QB can do it. Well, as we’ve had to quickly re-learn the last handful of weekends, not just any NFL QB can do what Kirk does.

Kirk Cousins to join Monday Night Football’s ManningCast on ESPN2

But… for those of us missing our favorite QB1, there was a consolation prize on Monday night when Kirk joined Peyton Manning and Eli Manning on the ManningCast (ESPN2) during Monday Night Football.

His appearance was everything any Vikings fan could have wanted. Hell, it was anything anybody looking to watch great TV could have wanted. Kirk Cousins is nearly as fantastic in a studio (or his house) talking football as he is playing it. Oh, and we found out that Kirk did indeed get one chain of his own. A Kohls Cash chain that his now sponsor sent him.

Not only was Kirk funny, witty and a good interview. He was insightful and used the hour-long watch party with the Mannings as an opportunity to pick their brains about certain things and they were happy to do the same with him.

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I could watch Kirk talk football all day.

They talked about pre-snap motions, among many many other things, about how Mike McDaniel’s slot-receiver motion has changed most NFL offenses instantaneously this season. It’s pretty crazy how quickly smart coaching spreads through the league.

After last night, I will suffer from future QB nightmares until Kirk Cousins is under contract with the Vikings once again. I have a feeling Justin Jefferson and the rest of the Vikings offense feels the same way. I’d be surprised if the Wilfs aren’t in the ‘get Kirk back under contract’ camp, too.

But some day, Cousins is going to finish his football career and slide nicely into a media job of some sort. He’s a natural. Kirk made his debut on the ManninCast last season so this is not his first rodeo with the Manning brothers.

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