Vikings Fans Love Mike Zimmer’s Brutal Honesty but Cam Dantzler Probably Doesn’t

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When it comes to head coaches who can light up a podium, we are blessed right now in the state of Minnesota. The Gophers have PJ Fleck, the Vikings have Mike Zimmer and, while he’s not a head coach, the Wild have Bill Guerin. And if you’re still watching the Wolves, new head coach Chris Finch is an intriguing basketball soul when he speaks with media too.

All personalities have their own way of capturing audiences. Fleck brings fire, Zim and Guerin bring honesty and Finch brings an ability to teach and deep dive his philosophies.

Stronger Dantzler?

Early this afternoon, it was Mike Zimmer who held his daily training camp presser at TCO Performance Center in Eagan and his pointed candor was on full display. While Mike’s transparency is great for us… it’s unlikely Cam Dantzler feels the same way. Not after Cam hears about this exchange between the Minnesota Vikings head coach and Courtney Cronin (ESPN), who asked if the 2nd-year CB looked any bigger/stronger than he did last year.

Cronin (ESPN): Is Dantzler where he needs to be physically? He looks a lot bigger this year…

Zimmer: “He’s a little bit bigger. You know, he’s still got to get in the weight room and things like that. He came off the field way too much last year. So, you know, if he gets a couple hits on him, he’s gotta stay the heck out there and go compete! But he did some good things yesterday, as I said before.”

“I guess, you know, the biggest thing, and I’m not just talking about Dantzler specifically, but some of those guys got a chance to play last year. Adding some of these other guys, I feel like the depth should really help us on special teams. Some of these guys that played last year won’t be — knocks on (wood) podium — probably won’t be playing first and second down but they should be playing a lot on special teams.”

Not the first time, won’t be the last

Mike Zimmer may or may not apologize to Cam Dantzler after this latest podium plastering but that won’t stop it from happening again. This is who Mike Zimmer is. He successfully holds himself back at times but it’s in his nature to answer questions as honestly as possible.

As long as he’s in a good mood.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan

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