Zimmer and Tomasson Go At Each Other Again

Photo: Hannah Foslien - Getty Images

Minnesota Vikings head coach, Mike Zimmer, hates one member of the main beat writers, who covers the Vikings for major news outlets around the Twin Cities. His name is Chris Tomasson and he writes for the Pioneer Press (TwinCities.com).

Mike and Chris have upped their sparring matches in 2020 and seemingly go at each other nearly every time Zimmer meets with media. Even beyond this season, if you think back to all of the great quotes of an irritated Mike Zimmer in Minnesota, you can almost always thank a Chris Tomasson question.

It’s become must-see TV and Friday was no different.

Chris Tomasson Bio (via TwinCities.com)

Chris joined the Pioneer Press in 2013 to cover the Vikings. He was a longtime NBA writer with the Akron Beacon Journal, Rocky Mountain News and AOL FanHouse. Before coming to Minnesota, he covered the Miami Heat and Dolphins for Fox Sports. Chris has won six awards in the past three Pro Football Writers of America contests. Chris is a graduate of Northwestern University, where he spent his college years watching the losingest team in the history of Division I-A football.

I’ve seen all sorts of reaction on Twitter regarding Chris Tomasson. Because Zim doesn’t like him, most Vikings fans don’t either. Zimmer isn’t the only one. There were some memorable back and forths between Tomasson and Stefon Diggs, when he was here.

That includes the press conference Vikings fans will never forget. “There’s truth to all rumors, Chris.”

But that’s what I appreciate about Chris Tomasson. He isn’t there to make friends. He doesn’t care what Mike Zimmer thinks of the way he asks questions. Do you think Chris Tomasson got to where he is by listening to coaches like Zimmer? No.

There’s too much buddy-buddy that happens between athletes and media these days, and it skewes narratives and misleads fanbases. We don’t have to worry about that with Mr. Tomasson.

Standing up for Tomasson, doesn’t mean I dislike Mike Zimmer.

I’ve always loved Mike’s honesty and inability to control his emotions. I know that life. I’ve just come to appreciate the rivalry that the two have. Like I said earlier, these interviews have become must-see TV! I wish I could watch a full interview between just those two. That would be something.

If I’m Mike right now, I’m worried everyday about my job security. I’m sure he’s walking around with an edge to him all day, every day. I swear that Zim has aged about 20 years since taking over in 2014. Being an NFL head coach is stressful… but that’s also why it pays the big bucks.

If Sunday is a blowout loss in Lambeau, I’m not sure Mike Zimmer will have to worry about Chris Tomasson anymore, anyway. Here is Zimmer’s full video press conference from this afternoon.

Eric Strack | Minnesota Sports Fan