Minnesota Twins City Connect Uniforms Causing Quite the ‘Ripple Effect’ in Reactions

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When the Minnesota Twins began to tease their City Connect uniforms last week there was anticipation building for the unveiling, which happened today. As fans got their first glimpses at threads that are certainly different from traditional uniforms, it’s hard not to see the reactions coming in all over the board.

Designed with a focus on lake life and the state’s 10,000 bodies of water, the Minnesota Twins really leaned into multiple design elements with their City Connect jersey. Nike helped to create something that heavily deviates from navy, red, and white that often adorns the bodies of Rocco Baldelli’s players, and a large dash of yellow was thrown in for the first time.

Minnesota Twins City Connect Cause a Ripple Effect

The tag line for the Minnesota Twins City Connect uniform is “The Ripple Effect.” When the jerseys dropped on social media, ripples could be seen throughout the mentions on any post highlighting the jerseys themselves. A yellow brimmed cap, with no red anywhere in sight, these were sure to be a polarizing offering.

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Although the club suggested that yellow was a color bringing thoughts of lake setting suns, it seems as though the choice was a bit forced and fans are taking notice. A bit more of a fade could have been incorporated, as they did on the sleeve patch with the pink.

Maybe a hint of orange would have drove the point home better as well. Let’s save our conversation on the pants until next time (see below) because it’s possible they weren’t featured as much in the reveal for a reason. All blue pants is certainly a choice.

City Connect’s On Field May Change Minnesota Twins Fans Minds

Of course Monday was just the initial unveiling of the Twins new City Connect uniform. Playing the Colorado Rockies as they head back to Target Field, the new jerseys won’t yet be worn.

That debut is reserved for Friday night’s contest against the Oakland Athletics. Wearing “The Ripple Effect” uniforms for the first time, fans will have the opportunity to see how they look on the field.

Postgame the Twins are throwing a free concert with Flo Rida taking the stage. They would be well-served to get him some of the new merchandise and see if his pumping beats can help to influence fans’ thinking as well.

The uniform has a sheen feel as opposed to the traditional mesh material for a uniform. How it wears, and what fans think when getting their hands on the product could be part of the process as well.

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With City Connect uniforms intending to be different, the Twins have definitely accomplished that with theirs. The secondary logos show very nicely, and the way they could be incorporated into future merchandise and branding remains to be seen.

With five uniforms now able to be rotated throughout their contests, Minnesota catches up to the rest of the league. Here is some more reaction from the new fits.

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