Minnesota Twins Unveil Blue and Yellow City Connect Uniforms

Minnesota Twins City Connect Uniforms
Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins have revealed their new City Connect uniforms, a series of alternates being rolled out around Major League Baseball. These are the first Twins’ City Connect uniforms. Some teams already have two.

It’s important to remember that these alternate sets are meant to pay homage to the cities and states that each team resides in, which has led to a lot of the City Connect alternates looking A LOT different than normal team color schemes. The Twins certainly fall into that category, with these. So brace yourself.

The City Connect decision makers at Target Field had a couple of points that they wanted to make with these uniforms. First, they wanted to make this more of a State Connect uniform than they did a City Connect.

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Instead of another version of the Twins’ “M” logo, they made it “MN”. Not only that, but much like the new Minnesota Timberwolves alternates last season, the blues are supposed to represent water, an ode to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, which displays prominently on the new hats. The yellow an very faint pinks represent the hues of color during a sunset on one of those many Minnesota lakes.

There are a lot of things I like about these new alternate uniforms, especially the reveal video where Slug (Atmosphere) is rapping behind it. The colors are difficult to digest. Not because they don’t look good together, it’s just such a drastic change that my brain is having troubles not seeing the old Milwaukee Brewers.

For all of the City Connect uniforms out there, the Minnesota Twins could have done a lot worse than these. We’ll see how they look when the Twins wear them for the first time on Friday night vs the Oakland Athletics.

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