Vikings Whiteout Uniforms Include Historic New Helmets; Twins Dropping New Alternates Too

Minnesota Vikings white uniforms, white helmets
Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings

Neither the Minnesota Twins nor Minnesota Vikings have games on Monday, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t news to be reported for both teams. Because there most certainly is.

The 33-26 Twins, for example, are in the middle of a hot streak and just so happen to have today scheduled off. When they start back up on Tuesday, blossoming oft-injured superstar Royce Lewis will make his 2nd season debut, and it will take place in the Bronx vs the 42-19 New York Yankees.

Meanwhile, the Vikings are set to begin mandatory minicamp on Tuesday, offseason practices that will include Justin Jefferson for the first time, after his record-breaking contract extension on Monday morning.

But, if you still need more off-day storylines for your Minnesota sports fan obsession, then let’s talk new uniforms. Because both of the aforementioned favorite local sports teams are set to unveil brand new uniforms sets this season.

What will Minnesota Vikings white out uniforms and new helmets look like?

Let’s start with the Minnesota Vikings, who are ushering in a new era of Vikings football, following Kirk Cousins’ departure this offseason, by unveiling a rather historic “Winter Whiteout” uniform combination on Friday, June 7.

Not only will these new unis include all white jerseys and pants. They will also include a white helmet, something that has never been done before in the 75 year history of the franchise. According to Andrew Lind (, these new helmets have been in the works for two years.

While the jerseys and pants will have pretty significant changes, the helmets will keep the exact same design as their standard purples, just a flipped colorscheme. Lind reports that they will “simply swap the decals and facemasks on their standard purple lids”, according to

According to multiple sources, the Minnesota Vikings will unveil their new “Winter Whiteout” alternate uniforms this Friday, June 7.

They feature purple numbers with a silver stroke and icicles hanging from the digits, as well as silver and purple sleeve stripes that match the design of their home purple and white road jerseys. There’s also a new “Vikings” wordmark on the chest, which could be a hint of a change to come.

The jerseys will be worn during Minnesota’s annual “Winter Whiteout” in December, and multiple sources have indicated they will be paired with matching white pants and a new white alternate helmet that has been in the works for the last two years.

Andrew Lind –

The fact that the Minnesota Vikings are flipping their helmets to white for the first time ever is big news. That, and Andrew Lind‘s throw-in rumor laced into his article noting that the lettering on the chest of these new Winter Whiteout uniforms could “hint at change to come” for the Vikings.

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Clearly, that is foreshadowing possible changes to the Vikings’ official lettering, uniforms, maybe logo (possibly more), in coming seasons. Lind actually credits Antonio Brown’s “CTESPN Network” Twitter account, which he says correctly leaked the Vikings’ new jerseys back in April.

There have been calls for new uniforms over the years, and deviating from purple and yellow tendencies was the ask. All black is one popular ask. But something like this whiteout edition is more than worthwhile, too.

When will Minnesota Twins ‘City Connect’ uniforms be released?

For the past few seasons, Major League Baseball has been rolling out alternate ‘City Connect’ uniforms for most teams. In the end, they’ll have one for every team, save for the New York Yankees.

Many City Connect uniforms have already been released, but due to the Twins’ recent organization/logo rebrand (plus interruptions with production due to Covid) the Twins’ new unis have been delayed.

Fortunately though, according to a teaser video released by the team on Monday, that delay is just about over. The end of the short video reads “one more week”, meaning the water-themed City Connect uniforms will be unveiled on June 10, one week from today.

Uniform rules for Major League Baseball stipulate that each franchise have just four different options to cycle through, but that doesn’t include City Connect offerings. Nike has come under significant fire for MLB uniforms this season, after a change in manufacturers (to Fanatics) has caused what appears to be a deterioration in quality.

Out of the City Connect genre, the Tampa Bay Rays has been widely accepted as the best in the league. Other teams that have already unveiled theirs include the Cleveland Guardians, St. Louis Cardinals, and Toronto Blue Jays.

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It’s curious the Minnesota Twins have yet to see a City Connect leak with the unveiling set for June 10, but we’re just days from it becoming a reality. Playing at home against the Oakland Athletics on Friday June 14, the Twins will wear their new alternates for the first time just before a postgame Flo Rida concert breaks out on the field.

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