Minnesota Twins game today: TV schedule, channel, and more

Minnesota Twins
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Is there a Minnesota Twins game today? It’s a popular question in Minnesota for those looking to attend Target Field or find the game on TV. Get all the related info below.

Minnesota Twins game today

When is the next Minnesota Twins game?Tuesday, May 28
Who are the Twins playing?Kansas City Royals (34-21)
Where are the Minnesota Twins playing?Target Field (Minneapolis, MN)
What time does the Twins game start?6:40 p.m. CDT
What channel is the Twins game on?Bally Sports North
Where can we stream the Twins game?Fubo TV
Who is starting for the Twins today?Simeon Woods Richardson (35 IP, 2.57 ERA)
Note: Schedule subject to change. Updated for each game.

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Minnesota Twins current series:

The Minnesota Twins are playing a four-game series vs the Kansas City Royals.

DateOpponentTime (CDT)TVScheduled Starter
Mon, May 27Royals 5, Twins 6
Tues, May 28Royals6:40 PMBSNS.W. Richardson
Wed, May 29Royals6:40 PMBSNB. Ober
Thur, May 30Royals12:10 PMBSNC. Paddack
Note: Schedule subject to change. Updated for each game.

What channel is the Twins game on today?

The Minnesota Twins game today is on Bally Sports North.

Minnesota Twins 2024 record:

The Minnesota Twins have a 29-24 record this season.

2024 Minnesota Twins schedule

The Twins’ 2024 schedule is below, along with all scores and results.

Minnesota Twins game today: TV schedule, channel
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Twins schedule – May

DateOpponentTime (CDT)TVStadium
Tuesday, May 28Kansas City Royals6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Wednesday, May 29Kansas City Royals6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Thursday, May 30Kansas City Royals12:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Friday, May 31@ Houston Astros7:10 PMBSNMinute Maid Park

Twins schedule – June

DateOpponentTime (CDT)TVStadium
Saturday, June 01@ Houston Astros3:10 PMBSNMinute Maid Park
Sunday, June 02@ Houston Astros1:10 PMBSNMinute Maid Park
Tuesday, June 04@ New York Yankees6:05 PMTBSYankee Stadium
Wednesday, June 05@ New York Yankees6:05 PMBSNYankee Stadium
Thursday, June 06@ New York Yankees6:05 PMBSNYankee Stadium
Friday, June 07@ Pittsburgh Pirates5:40 PMBSNPNC Park
Saturday, June 08@ Pittsburgh Pirates3:05 PMBSNPNC Park
Sunday, June 09@ Pittsburgh Pirates12:35 PMBSNPNC Park
Monday, June 10Colorado Rockies6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Tuesday, June 11Colorado Rockies6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Wednesday, June 12Colorado Rockies12:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Thursday, June 13Oakland Athletics6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Friday, June 14Oakland Athletics7:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Saturday, June 15Oakland Athletics1:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Sunday, June 16Oakland Athletics1:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Tuesday, June 18Tampa Bay Rays6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Wednesday, June 19Tampa Bay Rays6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Thursday, June 20Tampa Bay Rays12:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Friday, June 21@ Oakland Athletics8:40 PMBSNOakland Coliseum
Saturday, June 22@ Oakland Athletics3:07 PMBSNOakland Coliseum
Sunday, June 23@ Oakland Athletics3:07 PMBSNOakland Coliseum
Tuesday, June 25@ Arizona Diamondbacks8:40 PMBSNChase Field
Wednesday, June 26@ Arizona Diamondbacks8:40 PMBSNChase Field
Thursday, June 27@ Arizona Diamondbacks2:40 PMBSNChase Field
Friday, June 28@ Seattle Mariners8:40 PMBSNT-Mobile Park
Saturday, June 29@ Seattle Mariners9:10 PMBSNT-Mobile Park
Sunday, June 30@ Seattle Mariners3:10 PMBSNT-Mobile Park

Twins schedule – July

DateOpponentTime (CDT)TVStadium
Tuesday, July 02Detroit Tigers6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Wednesday, July 03Detroit Tigers7:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Thursday, July 04Detroit Tigers1:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Friday, July 05Houston Astros7:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Saturday, July 06Houston Astros1:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Sunday, July 07Houston Astros1:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Monday, July 08@ Chicago White Sox7:10 PMBSNGuaranteed Rate Field
Tuesday, July 09@ Chicago White Sox7:10 PMBSNGuaranteed Rate Field
Wednesday, July 10@ Chicago White Sox1:10 PMBSNGuaranteed Rate Field
Friday, July 12@ San Francisco Giants9:15 PMBSNOracle Park
Saturday, July 13@ San Francisco Giants6:15 PMBSNOracle Park
Sunday, July 14@ San Francisco Giants3:05 PMBSNOracle Park
Saturday, July 20Milwaukee Brewers6:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Sunday, July 21Milwaukee Brewers1:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Monday, July 22Philadelphia Phillies6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Tuesday, July 23Philadelphia Phillies6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Wednesday, July 24Philadelphia Phillies12:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Friday, July 26@ Detroit Tigers5:40 PMBSNComerica Park
Saturday, July 27@ Detroit Tigers5:10 PMBSNComerica Park
Sunday, July 28@ Detroit Tigers12:40 PMBSNComerica Park
Monday, July 29@ New York Mets6:10 PMBSNCiti Field
Tuesday, July 30@ New York Mets6:10 PMBSNCiti Field
Wednesday, July 31@ New York Mets12:10 PMBSNCiti Field

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Twins schedule – August

DateOpponentTime (CDT)TVStadium
Friday, August 02Chicago White Sox7:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Saturday, August 03Chicago White Sox6:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Sunday, August 04Chicago White Sox1:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Monday, August 05@ Chicago Cubs7:05 PMBSNWrigley Field
Tuesday, August 06@ Chicago Cubs7:05 PMBSNWrigley Field
Wednesday, August 07@ Chicago Cubs1:20 PMBSNWrigley Field
Friday, August 09 (Makeup)Cleveland Guardians1:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Friday, August 09Cleveland Guardians7:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Saturday, August 10Cleveland Guardians6:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Sunday, August 11Cleveland Guardians1:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Monday, August 12Kansas City Royals6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Tuesday, August 13Kansas City Royals6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Wednesday, August 14Kansas City Royals12:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Thursday, August 15@ Texas Rangers7:05 PMBSNGlobe Life Field
Friday, August 16@ Texas Rangers7:05 PMBSNGlobe Life Field
Saturday, August 17@ Texas Rangers6:05 PMBSNGlobe Life Field
Sunday, August 18@ Texas Rangers1:35 PMBSNGlobe Life Field
Monday, August 19@ San Diego Padres8:40 PMBSNPETCO Park
Tuesday, August 20@ San Diego Padres8:40 PMBSNPETCO Park
Wednesday, August 21@ San Diego Padres5:40 PMBSNPETCO Park
Friday, August 23St. Louis Cardinals7:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Saturday, August 24St. Louis Cardinals6:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Sunday, August 25St. Louis Cardinals1:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Monday, August 26Atlanta Braves6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Tuesday, August 27Atlanta Braves6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Wednesday, August 28Atlanta Braves6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Friday, August 30Toronto Blue Jays7:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Saturday, August 31Toronto Blue Jays6:10 PMBSNTarget Field

Twins schedule – September

DateOpponentTime (CDT)TVStadium
Sunday, September 01Toronto Blue Jays1:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Monday, September 02@ Tampa Bay Rays5:50 PMBSNTropicana Field
Tuesday, September 03@ Tampa Bay Rays5:50 PMBSNTropicana Field
Wednesday, September 04@ Tampa Bay Rays5:50 PMBSNTropicana Field
Thursday, September 05@ Tampa Bay Rays12:10 PMBSNTropicana Field
Friday, September 06@ Kansas City Royals7:10 PMBSNKauffman Stadium
Saturday, September 07@ Kansas City Royals6:10 PMBSNKauffman Stadium
Sunday, September 08@ Kansas City Royals1:10 PMBSNKauffman Stadium
Monday, September 09Los Angeles Angels6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Tuesday, September 10Los Angeles Angels6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Wednesday, September 11Los Angeles Angels6:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Friday, September 13Cincinnati Reds7:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Saturday, September 14Cincinnati Reds6:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Sunday, September 15Cincinnati Reds1:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Monday, September 16@ Cleveland Guardians5:40 PMBSNProgressive Field
Tuesday, September 17@ Cleveland Guardians5:40 PMBSNProgressive Field
Wednesday, September 18@ Cleveland Guardians5:40 PMBSNProgressive Field
Thursday, September 19@ Cleveland Guardians12:10 PMBSNProgressive Field
Friday, September 20@ Boston Red Sox6:10 PMBSNFenway Park
Saturday, September 21@ Boston Red Sox3:10 PMBSNFenway Park
Sunday, September 22@ Boston Red Sox12:35 PMBSNFenway Park
Tuesday, September 24Miami Marlins6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Wednesday, September 25Miami Marlins6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Thursday, September 26Miami Marlins6:40 PMBSNTarget Field
Friday, September 27Baltimore Orioles7:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Saturday, September 28Baltimore Orioles1:10 PMBSNTarget Field
Sunday, September 29Baltimore Orioles2:10 PMBSNTarget Field

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2024 Minnesota Twins baseball scores, results

Listed below are the complete Minnesota Twins scores and results for the 2024 season, separated by month.

March/April 2024

Thursday, March 28Twins 4, Royals 11-0
Saturday, March 30Twins 5, Royals 12-0
Sunday, March 31Twins 0, Royals 112-1
Tuesday, April 2Twins 2, Brewers 32-2
Wednesday, April 3Twins 7, Brewers 33-2
Thursday, April 4Twins 2, Guardians 43-3
Saturday, April 6Twins 1, Guardians 33-4
Monday, April 8Twins 2, Dodgers 43-5
Tuesday, April 9Twins 3, Dodgers 63-6
Wednesday, April 10Twins 3, Dodgers 24-6
Friday, April 12Twins 2, Tigers 84-7
Saturday, April 13Twins 11, Tigers 55-7
*Saturday, April 13Twins 4, Tigers 16-7
Sunday, April 14Twins 3, Tigers 46-8
Monday, April 15Twins 4, Orioles 76-9
Tuesday, April 16Twins 3, Orioles 116-10
Wednesday, April 17Twins 2, Orioles 46-11
Friday, April 19Tigers 5, Twins 46-12
Saturday, April 20Tigers 3, Twins 47-12
Sunday, April 21Tigers 6, Twins 17-13
Monday, April 22White Sox 0, Twins 78-13
Tuesday, April 23White Sox 5, Twins 69-13
Wednesday, April 24White Sox 3, Twins 610-13
Thursday, April 25White Sox 3, Twins 611-13
Friday, April 26Angels 3, Twins 512-13
Saturday, April 27Angels 5, Twins 1613-13
Sunday, April 28Angels 5, Twins 1114-13
Monday, April 29Twins 3, White Sox 215-13
Tuesday, April 30Twins 6, White Sox 516-13
*Makeup Game

May 2024

Wednesday, May 1Twins 10, White Sox 517-13
Friday, May 3Red Sox 2, Twins 518-13
Saturday, May 4Red Sox 1, Twins 319-13
Sunday, May 5Red Sox 9, Twins 219-14
Monday, May 6Mariners 1, Twins 320-14
Tuesday, May 7Mariners 10, Twins 620-15
Wednesday, May 8Mariners 3, Twins 621-15
Thursday, May 9Mariners 1, Twins 1122-15
Friday, May 10Twins 3, Blue Jays 223-15
Saturday, May 11Twins 8, Blue Jays 1023-16
Sunday, May 12Twins 5, Blue Jays 124-16
Tuesday, May 14Yankees 5, Twins 124-17
Wednesday, May 15Yankees 4, Twins 024-18
Thursday, May 16Yankees 5, Twins 024-19
Friday, May 17Twins 2, Guardians 324-20
Saturday, May 18Twins 4, Guardians 1124-21
Sunday, May 19Twins 2, Guardians 524-22
Monday, May 20Twins 3, Nationals 1224-23
Tuesday, May 21Twins 10, Nationals 025-23
Wednesday, May 22Twins 3, Nationals 226-23
Friday, May 24Rangers 2, Twins 327-23
Saturday, May 25Rangers 3, Twins 528-23
Sunday, May 26Rangers 6, Twins 228-24
Monday, May 27Royals 5, Twins 629-24

Where do the Minnesota Twins play?

The Twins play at Target Field, which opened in 2010.

How many home games do the Twins play in 2024?

The Twins play 81 home games per season, splitting their 162-game schedule in half. If the Twins reach the playoffs, more home games will occur.

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What is the AAA affiliate of the Minnesota Twins?

The St. Paul Saints are the AAA affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. The Twins Triple-A team plays baseball in St. Paul, Minnesota at CHS Field.

Minnesota Twins record by year

  • 2023: 87-75, won ALWC, lost ALDS
  • 2022: 78-84
  • 2021: 73-89
  • 2020: 36-24, lost ALWC
  • 2019: 101-61, lost ALDS
  • 2018: 78-84
  • 2017: 85-77, lost ALWC

The Minnesota Twins finished the 2023 regular season with a win-loss record of 87-75. They went 3-3 in the 2023 MLB Postseason, including a sweep (2-0) of the Toronto Blue Jays in the AL Wildcard series, before falling 3 games to 1 in the AL Division Series, vs the Houston Astros.

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