Carlos Correa was Voted Overrated by His Peers, Then He Put His Cape On

Carlos Correa, Minnesota Twins
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Carlos Correa signed a $200 million contract with the Minnesota Twins that essentially married him to Target Field through 2028, unless he decides to leave. No team options, full no-trade clause, total control.

He did that by winning rookie of the year (2017), a platinum glove, a World Series and multiple All-Star appearances. He has a career .822 OPS and 126 OPS+. At 29-years-old, Carlos Correa has already collected 43.3 bWAR.

How good is Carlos Correa?

That’s more than Tony Oliva (43.0), Nelson Cruz (42.1), Roger Maris (38.3) and Chili Davis (38.3) did in their entire careers. If not for failed physicals, Correa would have gotten more money and more security elsewhere, too.

If not for an injury-riddled 2023, in which he posted the lowest bWAR total of his career (2.2), he’d be knocking on the door of 50 career bWAR by the end of this season. Most players from MLB history in the 50 bWAR club are Hall of Famers. Pretty much every player in the 60 bWAR club (not tagged to steroids) are enshrined.

The greatest Minnesota Twin of all time, Harmon Killebrew, posted a career bWAR of 60.3. Kirby Puckett pushed his to 51.1 before losing his eyesight and being forced into retirement at age 35, if those local legends help to tell the story of just how good Correa has been through 9+ MLB seasons.

MLB player poll votes Carlos Correa one of MLB’s most overrated players – June 10

That’s why I was a little bit surprised to see Carlos Correa voted as one of the most overrated players in the MLB last week, especially by his own peers. Yet, there he was. The third most overrated player in the league, according to a player poll done by The Athletic.

It dropped one week ago today, on Monday June 10. The only players voted more overrated than Correa were Marlins’ center fielder Jazz Chisholm Jr and Angels 3rd baseman Anthony Rendon.

The former (Chisholm Jr) was at the top mostly because he was on the cover of MLB The Show 24 and others in the league think it’s way too soon for him to get that honor. The latter (Rendon), and the Angels’ Anthony Rendon, who has openly admitted to not liking baseball and wanting the season to be shorter and is now conveniently hurt.

Obviously, the Astros’ cheating scandal is understandably still hurting Correa, when it comes to these surveys and how the rest of the league views his future as an MLB Hall of Famer. And in fairness to Correa, he would probably tell you that he isn’t concerned with The Athletic’s survey results.

Carlos Correa, Minnesota Twins on a mission last week

But… the numbers Correa has posted in the last week, since that survey dropped, tell a different story. Over his last seven games, he’s batting .548 (17 for 31) with a 1.447 OPS. He’s hit 3 homers, collected 9 RBI and scored the same amount. Oh, and the Minnesota Twins won six of seven games.

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In baseball terms, it was pretty much impossible to get Carlos Correa out last week. It’s unlikely you’d get him to admit it, but nobody likes to get called out by those who do the same job they do, especially when it comes to professional sports. I doubt this hot streak aligning with the release of that player poll is hardly coincidence.

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So I would implore all of those around the internet who dislike or doubt the baseball abilities of Carlos Correa to keep speaking up. I’d love to see how that goes.

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