Is Carlos Correa Overrated? Other MLB Players Seem to Think So…

Carlos Correa

The Minnesota Twins signed Carlos Correa to a six-year deal prior to the 2023 Major League Baseball regular season, and that came after failed physicals with the New York Mets and San Francisco Giants caused previously signed contracts to fell through.

Correa is still booed heavily at opposing stadiums, due to his involvement in the Houston Astros’ trash banging cheating scandal. And as it turns out, he isn’t the most popular among his peers either.

MLB Players vote Carlos Correa overrated

When The Athletic interviewed more than 100 current big league players this spring, they polled them on numerous topics, “Most Overrated Player” being among them.

Miami Marlins fan-favorite Jazz Chisholm was at the top of the list, garnering more than 20% of the vote. Anthony Rendon, and his lacking desire to play, checked in second at just over 10%. Right behind them, grabbing 6.7% of the vote, is Carlos Correa.

Carlos Correa voted overrated

Drafted one spot ahead of Byron Buxton in the 2012 Major League Baseball amateur draft, it took just three seasons for Correa to debut, and he took home 2015 American League Rookie of the Year honors.

He has been named to a pair of all-star teams, but has never won and MVP award. He has one Gold Glove but his acumen at shortstop is often called into question, especially as he ages. Most have already assigned Correa to 3rd base, it’s just a matter of when.

Some levity was provided by a couple of players in suggesting that no one at the highest level is overrated. “I feel like this game is just too hard [to call anyone overrated].” Another suggested, “I don’t want to be talking bad about someone else’s game.”

What do the numbers say about Minnesota Twins’ Carlos Correa?

Valuation is not a straightforward way to determine worth when it comes to subjective numbers in baseball, but Fangraphs does place a dollar designation as it relates to WAR (wins above replacement).

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Having accumulated 35.5 fWAR during his career thus far, Fangraphs says Correa has been worth $284 million. His career earnings check in at just $128.5 million, and even including his potential future earnings of $133 million, there would still be a net positive.

Of course, Correa generated some of his greatest value with the Astros, while being paid peanuts earlier in his career, prior to arbitration. The poll was conducted this spring, following a year in which Correa played through plantar fasciitis, fresh off a tumultuous offseason and eventual long-term deal in Minnesota.

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There is a level of recency bias. Bryce Harper used to sit at the top of this list, for example. Just as recently as 2019, Rendon was baseball’s most underrated player. It’s hard not to be happy with what the Minnesota Twins are getting out of Correa thus far in 2024, and another step forward or deep postseason run could have him quickly turning this poll on its head.

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