Twins’ City Connect Merchandise Includes Corduroy Dad Cap Abomination, and Everyone Loves It…

minnesota twins city connect corduroy hat

On Monday the Minnesota Twins became Major League Baseball’s last team to unveil their City Connect uniform. The “Ripple Effect” was felt throughout Twins Territory, and while fans were still digesting the new uniform, something much worse was offered at the New Era team store.

The new “City Connect” uniform is just part of an MLB merchandise push from Nike and Fanatics. The new on-field fits will take time to get used to, given the bold blue and yellow color scheme, but Friday they’ll be seen on field for the first time.

Twins City Connect corduroy throwback is all the rage

The Minnesota Twins are going to sell plenty of their Ripple Effect merchandise, regardless of how the internet reacted initially, but it should show well on the field and grow on fans as time goes on.

Additional merchandise is available to purchase too and there’s one white corduroy cap (may be sold out), complete with the new state logo, that seems to be all the rage though.

Despite looking like it was left on a Goodwill shelf 3.5 years ago, the Twins are struggling to keep its ugliest commodity in stock. Initial reviews of the specific cap are off the charts, apparently, but I just don’t get it. This “throwback” offering looks like it should be thrown or offered right into the garbage can.

Everyone loves a good throwback, but this isn’t a throwback, being it features an entirely new logo. So it’s a fake throwback corduroy hat. Corduroy. Think about it. Corduroy hasn’t been cool since long before cargo shorts and I was told to stop wearing cargo shorts a decade ago.

But corduroy on your head? Now that’s a look that nobody should have welcomed. Everyone else, from generation to generation, seems to love this wanna-be 70’s accessory. To me, it looks like something your 90’s dad would pair with some fresh white Nike Air Monarchs.

Fourth of July cap done right for Minnesota Twins

Unveiled on Thursday, the Minnesota Twins Fourth of July cap goes back to a stars and stripes look that is easy to get behind. New Era has produced themed caps for holidays like mother’s and father’s day as well as Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day. The Fourth of July caps have trended down in recent seasons, but bringing back a flag look with a white dome is a solid look.

Just under a month remains until the Twins will wear the Memorial Day cap for a game, but fans should expect to see it, along with corduroy Bill at Target Field this weekend. The Memorial Day hat is already available online, and initial responses have shown a lot of love for that one too.

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