Local Apprentices are Tattooing “Naz Reid” on Hundreds of Timberwolves Fans

Photo: Tattoo Apprentice JC Stroebel (@john_chuck - X)

If not for Anthony Edwards, it could be argued that NBA Sixth Man of the Year, Naz Reid, is the most popular player on the Minnesota Timberwolves. So popular that he has his own flag, a flag that has shown up at some very interesting spots.

But raising the Naz Reid flag in attention grabbing arenas during iconic sporting events that have nothing to do with the Timberwolves is so last season. Now, there is a new way for Timberwolves fans to pledge their allegiance to Naz Reid.

Can we interest Minnesota Timberwolves fans in a $20 Naz Reid tattoo?

By permanently tattooing his name on their body. Hundreds, soon to be thousands of Minnesota Timberwolves fans have paid $20 to two local tattoo apprentices, JC Stroebel (@John_Chuck – X) — who sent out a tweet saying “Will tattoo β€œNaz Reid” on anyone for $20 – I’m dead serious” after the Wolves’ game 2 victory — and his associate Jesse George to get a man’s name tattooed on their bodies.

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The Minnesota Timberwolves play game three against the Nuggets on Friday night, and they are back in Target Center where the atmosphere is guaranteed to be absolute insanity. It’s Denver’s last chance to try and fight their way back into this series… but with Rudy Gobert back and the series now in Minneapolis, I’m just not sure how they stand a chance.

Not this year, not when owners are pouring beers for fans at local breweries and thousands of fans are getting names of players tattooed on their body. And there’s no signs of business slowing down at Beloved Studios in Roseville.

Why? Naz Reid. That’s why.

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