A-Rod Shows Out for Timberwolves Fans

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The Minnesota Timberwolves have put together a season that this franchise has really never seen before. Anthony Edwards is arguably the most exciting player in the NBA, and his teammates have helped to create a roster that has the defending champion Denver Nuggets on the ropes after just two games.

And minority owner, Alex Rodriguez, showed up at for Timberwolves fans on Thursday night at Falling Knife Brewery in Minneapolis. While A-Rod and Marc Lore are in a battle for majority ownership from longtime Wolves owner Glen Taylor.

Clearly, the ownership dispute hasn’t slowed the amount of interest that Lore and Rodriguez have shown in their pending acquisition, and on Thursday night, Rodriguez showed out in a big way for Timberwolves fans.

The Dane Moore Podcast

Dane Moore has become one of the most recognized names in Minnesota Timberwolves media, pumping out podcast content at breakneck speeds. His Dane Moore Podcast has risen to heights unmatched, and big names have taken notice.

Both Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez have previously been on the Dane Moore Podcast, but on Thursday night at Falling Knife Brewery the former major league superstar showed up in the flesh. Alex Rodriguez exited his vehicle and stepped up to the mic with a warm welcome of applause. For a fan base that would love to have an active and invested owner, Rodriguez continues to pull all the right strings.

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Minnesota Timberwolves gaining momentum

As Minnesota returns home, Timberwolves fans find themselves over the top excited about the Game 3 matchup set for the Target Center on Friday night. Despite Nikola Jokic being named the league MVP for the third time, it’s clear no one has been better in this series than Anthony Edwards. The Minnesota playmaker has earned comparisons to Michael Jordan, and he’s producing on both ends of the court.

Up two games to none, one of those wins also coming without Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert, Chris Finch’s club has to feel like they’re in a great spot. They have forced Jokic to run all over the place, and flustered Jamal Murray to the point of a temper tantrum. While sweeping the series would still be a monumental task, going up 3-0 on the defending champions would be nothing short of putting the league on notice.

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It remains to be seen how Rodriguez and Lore work through their intended ownership transition with Taylor. The sides went through mediation recently, but as expected, nothing was resolved. The process is far from over, but if Thursday night was any indication, Timberwolves fans would wholeheartedly welcome a change in ownership.

Taylor has been the controlling party for quite some time at this point, but he has often failed to reinvest in the product. He’s not universally celebrated by Timberwolves fans, and it appears as though the only reason he is now being difficult is the vast undervaluing of his franchise as the team has gone on to win.

Here’s to hoping the Timberwolves look even better following another win on Friday night, and Alex Rodriguez can once again show up to celebrate with Timberwolves fans.

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