Timberwolves and Vikings Could Break Internet with Iconic Photo Retake

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The Minnesota Timberwolves could be the most exciting ticket in the state right now, and that’s with good reason as they make a run through the NBA playoffs. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Vikings just completed the most exciting draft process in franchise history and they are on the verge of signing arguably the biggest superstar in the NFL to a record-breaking contract extension. Sound familiar?

24 years ago, Sport Magazine produced a photo that would go on to outlive the careers of both stars it depicted. Randy Moss and Kevin Garnett swapped their respective Minnesota uniforms, and posed for one of the most iconic sports photos ever.

With both Anthony Edwards and Justin Jefferson rising to superstardom respectively, a retake of this iconic Moss/Garnett photo would no doubt break the internet.

Give us an Anthony Edwards, Justin Jefferson photoshoot

This offseason the Minnesota Vikings are expected to hand Justin Jefferson a new contract extension that will not only make him the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL, but also among the highest paid players at any position. He is one of the most prolific offensive players in the sport, and his personality transcends the Minneapolis market.

It also happens to be true that the Minnesota Timberwolves employ a similar player. While Anthony Edwards isn’t yet in line for a max contract, the first overall pick from the 2020 NBA Draft has quickly become a face of the NBA. His playmaking ability on the court has drawn comparisons to Michael Jordan, and his personality off of it is as infectious as it gets.

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Pairing the two of them, which have recently been linked through Jefferson on Instagram, for a retake of the iconic photo would simply break the internet.

An Adidas Miracle

For Edwards, a retake of the photo could be something that Adidas would find themselves signing up for as well. The backdrop of the iconic photo features an orange tinted gradient that would fit in well with Edwards’ AE 1 sneaker campaign. The original “With Love” colorway was brought to life using similar hues, and the marketing campaign that Edwards helped use to spark a frenzy ties in nicely.

Of course Jefferson has been a Nike athlete throughout his time on the field, and while he doesn’t have a cleat deal with anyone, he may be less inclined to let Adidas put their stamp on his likeness. Still, even without branding, the pairing works well for all involved and would certainly have both fanbases at a fever pitch.

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Break the Internet

We haven’t seen an image break the internet in these terms since Kim Kardashian shared her derrier for Paper Magazine. The iconic image was the talk of the interwebs and spanned well beyond just celebrity gossip.

While the reality tv star has risen to new levels of fame by intertwining her life with other big name individuals, it was Mike Golic that followed in her footsteps and really turned the image on its head.

Paying off a bet to his then cohost, Mike Greenberg, one half of the popular Mike & Mike show recreated Kardashian’s image and set the sports world ablaze. The phrase “break the internet” seemed to be coined during this whole exchange, and the hues from Garnett and Moss’ take were carried over here as well.

Neither Edwards nor Jefferson need to show some skin, but the two of them tying in the previously iconic image of Minnesota stars would do well at a moment where one is chasing a ring and the other is taking over as the face of a franchise.

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