NFL Agents Weigh in on What New Justin Jefferson Contract will Cost Vikings

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It’s May, and there’s still no Justin Jefferson contract extension on the horizon, which might worry some fans. However, it’s important to keep perspective, there’s plenty time left in the offseason for the Vikings’ front office to finalize the deal. Negotiations can be intricate and often take time, but the prevailing belief is that Jefferson will remain a key part of the Vikings for years to come.

Alec Lewis, a writer covering the Vikings for The Athletic, recently shared fascinating insights into NFL agents’ perspectives on Justin Jefferson’s contract. He delved into what they foresee for Jefferson’s next deal in the NFL, shedding light on the potential trajectory of his career and earning potential.

What Will Justin Jeffersons Next Contract Look Like?

There’s been a lot of buzz about Justin Jefferson’s future contract and its potential value. With the Philadelphia Eagles recently extending their star receiver AJ Brown, agents have been paying close attention. This move gives them a clearer picture of what Jefferson’s next contract might look like.

One agent who has negotiated top-of-the-market contracts said they think $34 million a year is in the ballpark for Jefferson, who has eclipsed 1,000 yards receiving in all four seasons as a pro (including 2023, when he only played in 10 games). Another agent who has negotiated multiple high-end receiver contracts said they believe $35 million to $36 million a year is in play if Jefferson signs a five-year extension.

Alec Lewis – The Athletic

In Lewis’s article, he gathered insights from NFL agents, and they all shared very similar responses, mostly falling within the 34-36 million dollar range. AJ Brown’s recent contract extension, spanning three years at $96 million with $84 million guaranteed, has effectively reset the wide receiver market.

We’re all aware that Justin Jefferson outshines AJ Brown as a wide receiver, so it’s clear Jefferson’s contract will surpass Brown’s in terms of salary. The real question is, how many years will Jefferson’s contract span?

One of the agents also mentioned the idea of “cash flow,” which refers to the amount of cash paid throughout the duration of the contract. Hill’s average annual value is $30 million, for example, but his deal is backloaded to raise that overall number, whereas Brown’s average annual value is $32 million, and his deal is mostly consistent throughout.

Alec Lewis – The Athletic
PlayerYr 1Yr 2Yr 3
AJ Brown$33M$32M$31M
Justin Jefferson$35M$35M$34M
NFL agent’s hypothetical Jefferson contract if structured similar to AJ Brown’s new deal (The Athletic)

As shown above, an agent has outlined the initial three years of Jefferson’s contract, primarily using AJ Brown’s contract as a reference point. Jefferson’s deal appears to offer a slight increase in pay compared to Brown’s, with a difference of a couple of million dollars per year.

Some folks might be curious about the guarantees Jefferson could receive, considering Brown secured 84 out of his 94 million as guaranteed. According to one agent, guarantees might not always tell the full story.

Guarantees are an entirely different beast and often can be misleading, one of the agents said. Bosa received $88 million fully guaranteed at signing, which was easily the most of any non-quarterback, and one of the agents suggested Jefferson’s figure could hover near $65 million

Alec Lewis – The Athletic

This agent is proposing that Jefferson’s guaranteed money could total $65 million, which is $19 million less than AJ Brown received. This tells me that when Jefferson signs his next contract, it will likely be for a longer term, spanning 4 to 5 years or more.

Jefferson has captured the hearts of fans not just in Minnesota but across the entire league, solidifying his status as a fan favorite. The Vikings’ front office must waste no time in ensuring Jefferson remains a part of the team for the long haul. As we are in the middle of the offseason, all eyes will be on the negotiations for a possible contract extension, shedding light on the organization’s commitment to keeping Jefferson in purple.

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